Hey guys! What’s on your want to read books list these days? My list constantly grows! In fact, let me tell you what’s been added on my must read book list. Maybe you also have the same books on yours. 

Sophie Kinsella  Twenties Girl

I love Sophie Kinsella books. I immensely enjoyed reading the Shopaholic series, Remember Me and Can You Keep A Secret so I can’t wait to read this new book of hers. You can always get me to read light and amusing stories like hers! 


Dan Brown The Lost Symbol

Mystery and conspiracy books always has my interest piqued. So yes, it’s no surprise that The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown lands on my list of must read books! I’ve read all four books of his novels so far including non Robert Langdon ones. I have to say that my fave one so far was Angels & Demons. Yep, more than Da Vinci Code. This book hasn’t been released yet but from what I’ve seen, you can already pre-order. I’m not planning to do so though. I’m just gonna wait until it hits the stores.

Elizabeth Gilbert Eat Pray Love

Okay this one is a must read book recommendation from my boss who likes to read books as well. She might even be more of a voracious reader than I am. She says it’s a good book, a delight to read. It has a movie version coming out in theaters too, starring America’s sweetheart, Julia Roberts. That makes me even more curious to read it.

Books I May or May Not Read 

The three are just some of what has made my list so far. Though I actually want to try to read a Haruki Murakami novel.  A guy I like is a fan of his novels. Plus my best friend says it’s good too which makes me even more curious to read it. I saw these books at Powerbooks GB3 a couple of weeks ago actually. Almost bought it too. But I was able to resist. I still have a couple more books back home that I haven’t read like Eclipse and Breaking Dawn – books that I went all out to look for and buy last year but I haven’t even started on these, then there’s this book given by my friend, Jem which title I forgot and Freakonomics, the one I borrowed from my boss. I’ve been so busy with school, with work, sometimes gimiks with friends, or watching DVD that I haven’t gotten around to reading. Plus I’ve been too busy as well with my A – fixation that reading has taken a back seat… However, that’s over and done with now. Time to focus on me, myself and I.