Timezone and A Movie Review

Last night I was feeling sad again and had to seek out the comfort of friends to shake away the blues so I met up with Ryan and Jordan at G4. We grabbed a bite to eat first at Food Choices where I ordered the Slammers Burger Meal 2. Slammers are small burgers - delicious and cheap - and it reminded us of Harold and Kumar: White Castle movie. In case you didn't know, White Castle is a brand of burgers.

Afterwards, we headed to Timezone. Ryan's crush, Timezone guy was there too so imagine just how thrilled he was about it. He treated us - well I shelled out fifty bucks - on the games: Bishi Bashi which is like an old game there already considering we've been playing that since high school, Motorcycle - a race I never seem to win, Stackers - Ryan played this one, reminded me of Alex actually 'cos it used to be his favorite game there, and Trivia Quiz Game which I also lost to Ryan. We wanted to play Tekken but the place was filled, understandably because yesterday was the last day of school for the week - for most schools - since today is a holiday. But it was fun, fun, fun. If you've got the money to spend for it, go play at Timezone. It's perfect for destressing or shaking the blues away for almost all ages.

When I got home, I didn't turn in until about 3am. I watched Sex and the City rerun on Velvet channel first and then a bit of Shutter on Star Movies, Sweeney Todd on HBO and I Know Who Killed Me.

I Know Who Killed Me is a Lindsay Lohan movie - supposed to be a suspense of sort kind of movie. It got bad critic reviews and it flopped in the box office. It's probably the lowest selling movie of Lindsay Lohan. I don't think it was shown here in the theatres so when I saw that it was gonna play last night, I stayed up late to watch it. So what can I say? The critics were right. It was a very bad movie. Even Lilo's charm couldn't salvage that movie! No wonder it tanked. It was a dragging movie. It should have gone straight to DVD like her other movie, Labor Pains. Lindsay needs a new movie pronto - one that has a good story plot, a cute leading man (if it's a romcom) and a movie that will allow Lilo to show her acting skills.

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