Product Review: Globe Tattoo prepaid kit vs. Smart Bro prepaid kit

Since Typhoon Ondoy sunk Metro Manila in an unexpected flood, we found ourselves at the office with no electricity but struggling to keep working. And keeping normal office work meant needing Internet access so my boss bought Globe Tattoo when we temporarily held office at one of the hotels in Makati. Thank goodness for Internet on the go. 

Anyhow, Tattoo has been highly advertised on TV, it being highlighted as hip and something that you can even personalized. Of course we immediately tried this and we were highly disappointed. Yes it was very easy to use - insert USB, install and that's it but despite having a supposedly strong signal, our connection was staggard. I couldn't connect to Yahoo properly, couldn't get my YM to work, not even Tweetdeck. We thought maybe it's just that we were in a place where Globe signal is low in truth - our Globe phones also didn't work well at some parts of the hotel. Not to give up so easily on the brand's Net reliability, we tried it again at the office when we got back. No change at all. What a disappointment. I was almost tempted to tell my friend, who handles Globe as an account in advertising what a let down it was. I've had some bad experiences with my Globe prepaid phone as well before so I don't know why I was surprised their Net prepaid kit wouldn't work so well either.

Because we so needed Internet access, my other officemate who had a Smart Bro prepaid kit back home brought hers to the office the following day for us to try. Like Globe, it was easy to use - plug and play but unlike the first, we weren't let down by Smart Bro. We actually got to access the Internet and it was a fast connection! Yes, we could email on Yahoo, I could access my YM and Tweetdeck and even Facebook! I really love Smart Bro. It's also what I use at home. Even when Typhoon Ondoy had caused so much damaged in the city, my net connection wasn't the least bit affected. Smart gives such a good service to its customers. I'm so switching back to Smart when my Globe plan ends.


babychloe21 said...

i bought my friends tattoo usb modem stick since he was not using it for 500 pesos since i told him it was already second hand. OT, i heard Globe is having an iphone 3Gs plan. is that true?

Slayer said...

This internet card looks really awesome to me and I hope that it retains its awesomeness by providing the customers with good internet speeds.