Zpdee vs. Smart Bro

Last time, I posted my review of Smart Bro stick vs. Globe Tattoo stick. Today, I'm gonna post a review on Smart Broadbrand vs. Zpdee cable internet.

So I came home last night and found Dad in front of the computer, testing out Zpdee cable. We use Smart Bro but Skycable had offered us a free trial for 15 days. Anyhoo, I tried it myself. Skycable claims to have faster speed than our broadband internet. Our lock out with Smart Bro is over already so Dad thought of giving Zpdee a try mainly because our Skycable will be discounted 15% if we get Zpdee.

But after giving it a test run, Dad and I realized Zpdee was an epic fail. It wasn't faster than Smart Bro. Their mbps speed is the same. What's worse though is that we kept losing the signal, unabling us to connect to the Net. We never had that kind of problem with Smart Bro.

So... in conclusion, Smart Bro is still way better than Zpdee. We're happy with the service and we're sticking to it.

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Unknown said...

i love smartbro!