Friday, December 31, 2010

Boys oh Boys

Last day of 2010 everyone. In just a few short hours we'll all be saying hello to 2011! Are you excited about the New Year? I am. I love this occasion because a new year means exactly that! NEW. New beginnings, a new hope, second chances... I've had a wonderful 2010 and I hope you did too.

Anyway, considering it's the last day of the year, I thought I'd just share with you the fangirl side of me. First off on my list are two local celebrity guys. Now I'm not a big follow of local showbiz celebrities but I do think there are some who are real cute. For instance:

John Pratts! So totally cute.

I met John Pratts during the relaunch of TV5 just this March. He's been my celebrity crush for the longest time! Back when he starred in Batang X and then GMIK. He's really nice. He even shook my hand when I called his name to get a picture with him. I love that John can totally dance!

I'm so lucky I got to meet Lucky Manzano!

Yes, I meant to call him Lucky rather than Luis. It's the only way the pun could work! I met him recently. Just this December actually because we got him and Billy Crawford (he's the guy in white with the cap) to be the hosts on one of our events, the Fern Year End Celebration. I'm not that big a fan of Luis but I do think he's one of the most good looking guys in local showbiz so of course I did not dare miss this opportunity to take a picture with him.

Okay, well, I'm actually more into Hollywood celebrities and here are two of my absolute loves:

Robert Pattinson of course! I loved him as Cedrick Diggory and I love him even more as Edward Cullen!

I'm a Twilight fan and proud to declare that I love Robert Pattinson! Some say RPatz doesn't do justice to the role of Edward Cullen but I say yes, he does! He's a dreamboat. I was so jealous of Tyra Banks when she asked him to bite her neck! Did you Twihards see that episode?  

Ian Somerhalder = Damon Salvatore. Hottest Vampire Ever!!!

Oh and last but not the least. Ian Somerhalder!!! Sorry Edward Cullen, RPatz my love. I think Damon Salvatore is really the hotter vampire. Maybe it's Ian's smoldering eyes. Maybe it's the body! Maybe it's his wit! And probably it's his kinda bad boy character on Vampire Diaries. He's really good looking isn't he? Dreamy! I always am in cloud nine when I watch Vampire Diaries. So love Ian! And I kinda wish Damon and Elena would get together. Did they in the book? Wait! Scratch that. Nobody tell me. I'm excited to find out what will happen next on Vampire Diaries season 2!

Happy New Year everyone!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A New Year Without Fireworks

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve already. I've been watching the news and boy, a lot of Filipinos are already hoarding on fireworks. And who can blame them? It's been a long time tradition in the country. Plus, I must admit that there's a certain beauty that can be seen from fireworks. Just look at all those amazing colors!

The thing is firecrackers are dangerous. Did you see Goodbye Earth and Bin Laden which were featured in the news? They are very scary! And according to the experts, you can not only lose a finger or two if you get caught in a firecracker accident but you can lose your whole arm or leg! Eek!

I'm actually happy that firecrackers are banned in our area because every year, I have to deal with the loud noise and the smoke. A noise as loud as that of a firecracker can damage the eardrums and with the thickness of the smoke, you are liable to inhale them and end up coughing. Plus there's the fear of going out in the streets because someone might accidentally throw a lit firecracker my way. And anyway, firecrackers contribute to the air pollution.

My family has stopped buying firecrackers. For years now, we've been spending it in a different way. Just enjoying the media noche feast, watching TV and sometimes just singing the night away with a rented karaoke. We're trying to be practical. After all, who wants to spend three thousand bucks on firecrackers that will be blown away in just a few minutes? Not us for sure.

Well... enjoy the New Year celebration folks! Are you ready to say goodbye to 2010 already and hello to 2011? I'm not quite there yet. I have new goals to make and a looking back at what my year has been like to do. But from a bird's eye view, I believe I had a rollercoaster year... but it sure has been great!

Happy New Year everyone! Stay safe. (",)    


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Here, Tishie Tishie's Blog Giveaway

I love Avon products and I love contests so I'm thrilled to join Here, Tishie Tishie's blog contest. Lady luck, try to be with me here. (",)

My Two Favorite Parks

Said goodbye to most of my old stuff toys which I have kept with me through these years. They’ve been gathering dust as I haven’t actually played with them for the longest time already so I thought it better to finally, finally just give it away to other kids who would give them the proper love and care I haven’t been able to do.

It isn’t easy to actually do so. My friends had already tried to talk me into giving these away since last year when they had me store it in a big balikbayan box. But somehow I was moved by Toy Story 3. You might think it’s a bit silly of me to be so affected by the movie! I mean it’s fiction for gosh sakes but really, it made an impact on me. So… this Christmas season, I took my toys and just donated them to Jollibee’s Maaga ang Pasko. I’m all grown up see… On the upside, giving those away means less clutter in my room. (“,)

I also spent a great day with my two best pals yesterday hanging out at two of my favorite parks in Makati: Ayala Triangle and Salcedo Park.

A shot of Salcedo Park from Coffee Bean, Four Seasons branch

Ayala Triangle view from Amici

We originally planned a brunch date but it turned to a lunch date instead at Ayala Triangle. Wanted to try Banapple which I’ve been planning to do every since I read about its new branch here opening in Makati but we ended up at Amici instead. I wasn’t so crazy about the food although it’s pretty delicious.

Carbonara from Amici
Lasagna from Amici
After that, we went to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (my fave coffee shop!) at Salcedo and hung out for awhile. I just love the weather yesterday: it was an overcast day, a perfect day for walking around town!

Ended the day strolling around Greenbelt. We had an early dinner at Flapjacks. Yum!
Ryan's Dandy Burger

Buttermilk Pancakes from Flapjacks ordered by Bonsch

My creamy dory fish with tartar sauce. Yummy!!!
Gotta say, meeting up with friends is a great way to cap off the last few days of 2010.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What I Love about this Christmas

There are two things I love about this Christmas: 1. Christmas lights! and 2. Special coffee drinks and food

Have you guys gone yet to Ayala Triangle, Makati? If you haven't, then you should definitely go already to catch the Symphony of Parols (?) there! What is it? Well it's a beautiful Christmas lights show! I feel the Christmas spirit is really alive watching the Christmas lights brighten up the park on a cold night. The first time I saw it, I was truly amazed already! And you know what else I thought? If I had a boyfriend right now, I'd definitely want us to go to Ayala Triangle and watch the Symphony of Parols because it is soooo romantic! Don't get me wrong though. This is also a great show to watch with your family and friends.

The show happens every night - when the weather is good that is - from 6:30pm until 8pm and it's a 30 minute show. It's only until December 23 so you better make a bee line for it already!

Ayala Triangle all lit up with the Christmas lights


Here's another thing I love about Christmas this year: Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has come up with their own special drinks to celebrate the Christmas season: Apple Caramel drinks. I tried it with my friend when we met at CBTL. I had the tea latte while my friend had the Ice Blended. It's surprisingly delicious!

Oh and we also tried CBTL's White Chocolate Raspberry cake. We saw the guy next to us eating this cake and we thought of how much we would love to sink our teeth into it as well! So we split the bill and ordered the cake. Sorry that all you are seeing is an almost finished cake. We were so into it that we forgot to take a picture before we helped ourselves.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Facebook: Cityville

I love games! And that's actually one of the main reasons I love Facebook. I've played a lot of games in that social networking site. Yes, I tried Farmville, Sorority Life, Pet Society, Be a Tycoon and these are just to name a few! So anyway, because I'm finally on break from school and work, I've chosen to bum around the house for awhile and what better way to actually do that than to play games online!

So I discovered Cityville just a couple of days ago and now, I'm completely hooked! The picture above is my very own city on the game. For lack of a better, more creative and more original name, I called my city Pleasantville, you know, inspired by the movie with the same name. It was only later on that I thought about renaming it Lizzieville after my name but well, I can't change my city's name anymore. Can it actually be changed? Oh well. Anyway, if you guys are into Facebook games as well and we're friends, how about becoming my neighbor on Cityville? (",) And for those who are already my friends on Facebook, forgive me because I keep sending requests to you guys but you know, you can just ignore it right? Although I wish you wouldn't! Let's play! ;-)  

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Christmas Gift to Myself

It's almost Christmas everybody! And in just a couple of weeks as well, we'll be saying goodbye to 2010 and hello to 2011! I have to say that I worked my butt off this year, harder than I have ever done so I think it's just right that I reward myself for a job well done.

I have so many things in my wish list mostly fashion items like shoes, new clothes and accessories although I also have books in my wish list and some office supplies. And as for gadgets, I only have one wish: a laptop of my own! So imagine my dilemma. Thankfully, there's this new promo: buy now, pay next year! I didn't have to think about what I was going to buy for myself anymore. The promo helped me make the decision....

Presenting my newest gadget investment: Carrie! That's what I named my very chic, very cool laptop. 

This actually wasn't my first choice. I was looking at another HP laptop model and we almost bought that one! I wasn't  really crazy about the design of that one because it was silver and bulky. So not me! And because my Dad didn't want me to buy a laptop that came in color like green, red or violet, I really thought it was going to be a challenge picking out a laptop that suits my personality. Yes, I love colors that's why I wanted to buy a laptop with a colorful design. Have I ever told you about my fascination for an HP Viviene Tam mini?

I would have bought this one except it isn't available here and it doesn't have a CD-rom drive. Thankfully the saleslady told me about another HP laptop model they had and when I saw it, I just knew it was the one! It's so chic! I agree with her when she said this laptop model was made for the ladies. I'm actually using Carrie right now as I blog this. (",) So Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all enjoy the holidays. I know I will because I have a two week break from work! Woohoo!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Twenties Girl

I've been so busy at work because we're gearing up for our big dome event this December 6 so I haven't been able to blog so much. But since I've been given a reprieved from doing so much overtime at work (I've no work this Sunday and Monday, yey!) I used my free time to finish reading my latest book buy: Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella!

First of all, I'm a fan of Sophie's works. I've read all her Shopaholic series (with the exemption of her new one, Mini Shopaholic), Can You Keep a Secret, Remember Me and The Undomestic Goddess. That's not to say that I loved each and every book after Shopaholic because I didn't so much until this book!

Twenties Girl is a very heart warming story about family. Lara Lington is my next favorite heroine now after Becky Bloomwood and I loved her exchange of banters with her great aunt Sadie who's a ghost! I could relate in Lara's love story with Josh. It's true what they say, love is blind! What do I mean by that? Well, you'll just have to read the book yourself to find out because I don't want to give out the whole story!

I usually cry when I watch sappy romantic movies but this is the first time I cried after I read a book. Twenties Girl is that touching! It will really tug at your heart strings. Read it! I promise you'll love this book by Sophie.

                                                A great read! It's got everything from love, mystery to humor! 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bonding over Coffee

You know it's Christmas when the red cups are here. Lookie! It's got a new look! 

Ryan's got three stickers already. Bonsch and I gave him our stickers.

I was feeling kinda blue yesterday but my mood changed when I met up with my two best friends: Ryan and Bonsch at Mall of Asia. We bonded over coffee at Starbucks, talking about everything and anything under the sun. 

It's almost Christmas again. The red cups are here after all! Have you seen their new planner? It looks fabulous. But I'm not collecting stickers this year. I have to be practical now. After all, 17 stickers entails me to spend about a thousand bucks on coffee. Maybe for those who can't make it through the day without Starbucks coffee, this annual promotion is just cherry on top but that's not me... So...

I have my eyes set on another planner, none other than the Belle de Jour Power Planner! 

I love the new design.

For the kikay and shopaholic girl like me, this is the perfect planner for me! It's got discount coupons, events for the BDJ girls and stylish design on its pages. I haven't bought it yet, although it's already out but SOON I will. If you want to avail of the 5% discount, I suggest you order at their website until Nov. 30! I know I will.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dreaming of a sweet escape at Bella Rocca

There's a difference between

interest and commitment. 

When you're interested in doing something, 

you do it only when circumstance permit. 

When you're committed to


you accept no excuses, only results.

Saw this on one of my Facebook friends profile. It gave me food for thought. I've recently blogged about signing up for the gym to get my fitness on but though I have, I haven't given it much of my time. It's been a month since I started. I cringe every time I think about how much this is costing me... and I don't know if I made a bad decision, one that I can't easily forget because I signed up for a year's membership. 

Well the phrase above hit me because it's so true. I have expressed interest in taking care of my health by exercising and also drinking health supplements such as fish oil and multivitamins... But I have not committed myself to it because I only do it when i feel like I have the time to do so and when I remember to buy the supplements. 

I seriously need to commit though. I need to kick the slacker in me out the door so that I can truly achieve the results I want. Why have I been slacking? Well because I've been feeling burned out. I've so many things in my hands to juggle - it's fun most of the time but it does get exhausting.

I need a vacation. I'm in need of a sweet escape... Oh look! Bella Rocca! 

Oh yes, I can imagine myself here. Reading a book, sipping juice, enjoying a nice warm weather

I can imagine myself in this room. Sleeping, watching TV and basically just relaxing in that comfy bed! 

 I can imagine feeling at peace while watching this gentle water flow. 

So yeah it is expensive. it'll cost an arm and a leg basically at the rate of 1,320 USD for their villa with 2 bedrooms (maximum of 4 adults) but still, I think it's a nice getaway. I want to go here. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh Saturday!

I had quite a nice Saturday. I went to Trinoma alone to attend the Belle de Jour Rendevous Unleash Your Personal Style event at the Ramp Crossings. This is my second time to attend and I gotta say I really enjoy it. Not only are the topic talks interesting but there are prizes galore for the attendees thanks to BDJ's sponsors.

I won a deck of cards shaped like slippers from Havaianas, a 50% discount certificate from Clarity for a diamond peel and a movie pass at Eastwood Cinema. They are real nice although I wish I won bigger prizes such as P1,000 worth GC from The Ramp Crossings, a dress from Get Laud or Jellybean or shades from Fly Shades. Ah well, there's always next time. BDJ's launching their 2011 planner on October 22 at The Venice Piazza at Mckinley Hills. I'm gonna try to be there too but I'm bringing a friend next time. It'll be more fun that way.

Oh The Ramp! There's so many nice outfits at Trinoma branch. It's sad that I didn't have shopping budget to do so. Soon as I have extra cash again, I'm going to go shopping.

But I did manage to get a pedicure at Dashing Diva, Trinoma. It's my first time to try Dashing Diva and I have to say I do think I'm gonna keep on coming back! It's affordable anyway and unlike Nail Spa and Nail-a-holics, their basic pedicure includes toe nail polish already at the price of P450. The other two charges extra for the polish. It's a good thing Rockwell and Greenbelt 5 are near my place and they also have a loyalty card so it's an added come on for me.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Checking in

It's been quite awhile since I last blogged about something. I've been quite busy these past few weeks. Or has it been a month already?

Anyway, it's been one heck of a month. So many new things have happened. For starters, I finally signed up for a gym membership. It's been part of my goals for so long and now I'm finally working on making it happen! Oh yes, time to lose my flabs and get a toned body just like those gorgeous Hollywood actresses I've always admired: Jen Aniston, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus... I decided that yes, a gym membership is going to put another huge dent in my financial status but it'll be worth it. No more making excuses like I used to. I thought, hey, if those Hollywood actresses can fit their fitness exercise program in their already busy schedules, why can't I?

At work, I have to say I'm proud of myself. I'm finally starting to get the hang of things. I was even able to pull off a press conference without my "Miranda" boss who's currently vacationing in Europe. I'm glad that "Miranda" even expressed faith in me, in my capability. I was definitely touched by that.

And I've also been attending The Feast at PICC. A friend of mine introduced me to it and I have to say I enjoyed it. If you're not familiar, it's a Catholic gathering every Sunday. The format of worship is charismatic and with Bro. Bo Sanchez at the helm, it's really very engaging. I haven't even minded so much that I have to wake up as early as 7am on a Sunday just to go there.

I've been so busy lately. I can't believe it's the -ber months already! Pretty soon, I'll be hearing Christmas songs playing all over more often.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Very Own Devil Wears Prada Story

I have a thing for inspirational movies. I feel it uplifts my spirit and awakens the fighter in me. One of my absolutely favorite inspirational movies is The Devil Wears Prada. I love how the heroine, Andy, went to prove to her boss, Miranda that she was a girl who can do the job.

I've been very busy at work lately and it's because my boss is riding me like crazy. So many reports and presentations to do. It's no easy feat I'm currently undergoing. I'm not ashamed to say that I've been having such a hard time doing this work that I have cried a couple of times already since the project had begun... Although I'm still hanging on for dear life.

My boss is a strict one. Very bright man really but still strict and tough. He's trying to train me to become a very good accounts person. He said so himself that he sees the potential in me. However, it hasn't been an easy road to take. It's been frustrating and tiring, rendering so many overtimes at the office.

Sometimes I feel like quitting. But I'm not a quitter. I'm determined to overcome the obstacles at work just like Andy did. I cannot let my very own Miranda get to me. I can't. I won't. I need to take on this challenge and face it head on.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Health Conscious Me: Cenovis Fish Oil and Myra E

It's been quite awhile since I last blogged. The last three weeks of my life had been a blur. Been so busy at work and I mean really busy. One of my superiors went on a 2 week vacation, out of the country and left me to man the port while she was away. I was left with my far stricter boss and a PR new account we had to bid for. It's that account that we still don't know the results of that kept me so busy, I hardly had time for anything else. Not even relaxation.

But interestingly enough, I learned something new. You see, I've recently made a pact with myself to start watching out for my health. Been drinking Myra E because of its anti-oxidant benefit. I'm after the glowing, healthy skin. But then we had this bid and it was for a fish oil supplement. I was tasked to research about its many health benefits and what I found was really amazing. Fish oil because of its Omega 3 specifically its DHA and EPA content brings so many health benefits which goes far beyond just heart health which most of us already know because of the active advertising campaigns of Century Tuna and San Marino Sardines. Fish oil also has anti-oxidant benefit which is good for the skin and is of course anti-cancer. It also has brain health benefits, anti-inflammatory health benefits that helps ease the pain of arthritis and prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes. So you know, I'm gonna buy fish oil supplements once I consume my bottle of Myra E.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Three Movies and a How to Deal Question

I've had the opportunity to watch three movies in theaters within the past two weeks: Karate Kid, Toy Story 3 and Knight and Day. Here are my thoughts on each:

Karate Kid 2010

A remake of the 80s classic movie Karate Kid. Without comparing it to the original movie, I'd say yeah, it's a good movie. Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan brings it on the big screen: a bit of comedy, a hint of drama and of course, some impressive martial arts moves. But boy I sure don't know why they call it Karate Kid. They should've called it Kung Fu Kid considering what Jackie Chan taught was Kung Fu not Karate. The tournament Jaden joined in was also kung fu. The only karate part was a clip where Jaden was shown imitating karate moves from the TV.

But compared to the original, I still say the original was way better. Daniel San and Mr. Miyagi = classic partnership. Miyagi also taught more moves to Daniel than Mr. Han did with Drei. Who could forget: Wax On, Wax Off; Paint Fence Side Side; Paint Fence Up Down; Sando Floor Left Right? I got bored with Mr. Han's Put It On, Take It Off, Pick It Up (The Jacket) training.  

And the fight scene, where Drei was up against the bully, man, I was so not impressed. It looked unbelievable. From the slo mo version, you can actually see that it looks as though the bully could've hit Drei if he didn't stand his ground, waiting for him to hit. Daniel San's Crane move was simpler but that was definitely good. There was suspense in it. Not like with the remake.

Toy Story 3

Tear jerker. The first two made me cry too. I can so relate with the story. Well I'm not a toy and I won't be outgrown so I'm sure you know that I'm talking about the boy, Andy, the owner of Woody and Buzz. When the first Toy Story was released, I was still a kid so I really grew up with this movie. And that's what the story was all about. Growing up and letting go.

Definitely worth watching. But I just saw this in 2D though. 3D is quite expensive. Plus it's just an added wow factor. I don't need to be impressed with 3D special effects.

Knight and Day
Tom Cruise in a rom com/action movie. Oh yeah, definitely worth watching. The story plot was also nice. It sure can appeal to girls' fantasies: meeting a good looking guy, having the chance opportunity to talk with him and already he's giving you butterflies in your stomach. But as it would turn out he's a spy who's literally going to whisk you away in a fast car and become your knight in shining armor, protecting you and rescuing you from the bad guys. I have to say, I wouldn't mind if the spy looked as gorgeous as Tom Cruise in this movie. Even at 40 something, he still looks good. So it's not a box office hit but come on, it's rival is Toy Story 3! Critics in Hollywood are just being too hard on Cruise. Personally, I think the love drunk couch jumping incident and his Scientology rants are not to blame for his less than stellar movie performance - in terms of revenue that is. Lions for Lambs and War of the Worlds they sucked. Lions for Lambs where he played a politician was boring with a capital B and to think Glenn Close was also in this movie. It's really the story that will make or break a movie.

Okay, now on to my How to Deal question. Here's another confession: I'm not a very sociable person. I'm often quiet and I prefer to run in small group circles. My personality has a mix of shyness and snobbishness to it. I'm only talkative when I finally feel close to someone. Now, someone wants to meet with me in person and I've only exchanged a few messages with this person, It's also so very new our exchanging of messages, less than a month old so when I was asked, alarm bells seriously rang in my head. A big part of my brain of course is screaming out 'Hell No!' but a small part is saying 'Go on. Try.' So my question is: How do I deal? Do I go? Do I not go? HELP!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Cup of Coffee and A Plate of Pasta to Beat the Blues

I indulged myself on Seattle's Best Coffee's Javakula Javachip and Pesto Pasta, twice last week. It helped me cope up with the past week. I've been feeling blue. Yes, until now but I've stopped stuffing myself with delicious foods. It's not nice to turn to food too much when you're feeling down. I realized that that's why despite the yumminess of this food, I quit while I still could. I don't want to add more pounds because that will only make me feel worse than I already do.

But you know what? For awhile back there, I realized that it's true what they say about food being comforting hence the term "comfort food" and that a cup of good coffee can lift your mood. r. It worked for me.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Week that Was

I finally finished the book I bought: How to be Single. I have to say it really was a very interesting story, a little bit heartbreaking as well but overall it was quite inspiring. What I loved most was how it all ended, how the five women developed a friendship with each other and the realization that dawned on the heroine... So how to be single? To be single is to learn to love yourself fiercely first and foremost. To love yourself like a lioness who protects her cubs.

I admit I hadn't always been like that with myself. I was always insecure and was always looking for the approval of others especially guys. This is not to say that I've completely changed. I sometimes still feel insecure but at least I'm more mature now. I try to shake off those insecurities and instead of noticing my flaws and focusing on those, I try to find something that I like about me. Take it from Samantha Jones who doesn't give a hoot about what others think of her. And no matter how many men she may get involved with, she doesn't forget to have a relationship with herself first and foremost.

And speaking of Samantha Jones, I watched Sex and the City 2 this afternoon with a couple of friends. I thought it was a nice movie. Not as great as the first one in terms of story but still nice. Gotta love the fashion of those ladies. I felt disappointed that they weren't able to give Aidan and Smith so much justice in terms of their appearance in the movie. There was also no sex which used to be a big part of what made Sex and the City a great show - and when I mean sex, I mean both physical and conversational. But no I wouldn't call it Sucks in the City as one critic had said.

 Love this outfit Carrie wore on the opening scene of SATC 2. So fierce!

The skirt I bought online also finally arrived just this Thursday. I saw it on another Multiply shop called Solamente Bianka. There are so many fabulous looking clothes there! And this is one of those that caught my eye:

It's called Stroll in the Park skirt. I thought the color combination is really pretty and cute. I couldn't forget this skirt after I saw it so I finally bought it. It's only P820. Totes love it!

Monday, May 31, 2010

My Blog Has A New Look - Thank You Shabby Blogs

I love the spark of color in my blog. I have to give credit to Shabby Blogs for it. I didn't have a hard time installing the background design too!

I also got the Like widget installed on my blog so feel free to click and like my posts. This cool tip I got from reading Third World Nerd's blog. Oh and I got my blog a Facebook badge so if you like my blog, if you like me, will you please be a fan? :-)

I've been able to do these little improvements to my blog because I have some free time in my hands. I'm still quite sad that my other writing gig has gone on hiatus - the reason why I have this free time again - but I guess that's just how it goes. Jobs come and go. I'm not unemployed though. I still have my full time job which I might add is starting to pick up again after months of having none or just little projects to service and I still have my other writing gig. I'm saddened that the other one is gone because I've been using the extra money to pay for my life's leisures and it helps me pay for my graduate school tuition as well.

I'm trying to find the silver lining of this dark cloud. The free time is one of its silver linings. Ryan said I was starting to become a workaholic with all the jobs I had in my hands. With graduate school starting this week again, I guess it's good that I don't have three jobs to juggle in my hands. It will help me focus on school more. But maybe once I get the hang of things in school again, I'll take on another writing gig.

For now, I'm just gonna learn to chill. Speaking of chilling, this is Sex and the City 2 week! I'm actually very excited to watch it in theaters over the weekend. Sure I've read the bad reviews but critics can sometimes be wrong so I'm going to check out SATC 2 for myself.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Do I Need a Man?

I recently met up with my College gal pals to celebrate the birthdays of Jack and Marian at Tagaytay. My used to be NBSB friend Marian now has a doctor boyfriend ten years her age and Jack has recently gotten engaged and about to be married by December.

And so with such big relationship events happening with two of my friends, being surrounded also by friends who are now happily in a couple and with the recent "I miss having a boyfriend" talks I've been having with Ryan, the question hit me again: "Do I need a man?" And you know what? I think this is a question that a lot of single gals out there wonder about from time to time.

I've been single for almost two years now after surviving a tremendously heart breaking breakup and I have never gone on one single date since then. My infatuations have also all revolved around reel guys - if you've been reading my blog long enough, you'd know about 'em. Finn, Edward, Damon...

So I've been giving the question some thinking... Having a boyfriend is really nice. You have someone to talk with on the phone at nights, you have an instant date especially on special occasions like Valentine's, Christmas, etc., there's someone whom you can expect to get a sweet text from: I miss you, I love you... there's someone to hold hands with and hug with...someone who'll make you feel absolutely adored and special...

And then there's the single life where you have nobody else to think of but you. You buy stuff solely for your enjoyment. You go out with your friends whenever you feel like it. You watch whatever movie or TV show you want. You eat whatever you want. When work gets crazy, you don't feel bad that you're somehow missing out on spending time with your special guy. You also get to meet and date any guy you fancy.

They're both fun lives to lead...And so I looked back on the past. I was just like Charlotte of SATC before. I treated "couplehood" like an association I'm dying to pledge in. That didn't really turn out quite well in the end. So I've decided. This time around, I'm taking things one step at a time. No more "should-ing". No more giving in to the pressure of what people think I should be and no more pressuring myself either.

I think it's better this way actually. After all, I believe that it's when you least expect it that love will come your way.

In celebration of my decision, I bought a new book. It's entitled "How to be Single" by Liz Tucillo. Sounds familiar? Well that's because she co-wrote the best seller book "He's Just Not That Into You" which is now a major motion picture and one of the movies I love to watch over and over again.

I bought it at National Bookstore at a discounted price because NBS had a book sale recently. I also got a 5% book discount coupon as a prize for buying this so I'm going to buy another book as soon as I finish this one. 

I can't give a verdict just yet on how good this is because I've only started reading it. But I can tell you, from what I've read so far, I can't say I'm disappointed I bought this. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jessie's Girl Finally on Glee!

I was definitely thrilled when Glee finally aired the episode where Finn was to sing Jessie's Girl! Finn was looking absolutely cute, as usual. I am a big fan of Finn actually and I don't know if he could ever do wrong by me. I only wished really that Jessie was in this episode, with shots of him and Rachel being very sweet with each other while Finn continued on to sing Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield. Yeah, but well, what do I know? I'm not the director or the script writer so... I'm just gonna enjoy the fact Finn is definitely love!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Archie Comics: The Wedding Proposal

Did I ever tell you guys how much of an Archie comic fan I am? I've actually been reading Archie since the fourth grade when a classmate and former friend introduced me to the funny world of Archie. I probably have about a hundred plus of this popular comic book. Mostly double digests. I have a few digest comics but I prefer to buy double digest as they have more stories in it and I think it's a bit more practical to buy a comic that cost P190 than the P150 thin version of the comics.

Whenever I visit a bookstore, I always look for Archie although I don't buy every time I ask for it. This is exactly what I had in mind when I went with a couple of friends to the newly renovated Powerbooks in Greenbelt 3. I had intended to simply take a look at my favorite comic. When I asked where their Archie comics are though, the attendant had told me they still don't have Archie comics in the store. Boo! But imagine my surprise when about ten minutes later, the same attendant approached me and showed me that the above photo was the only Archie comics they had in stock at the moment. The Wedding Proposal! Seriously! I immediately reserved me a copy and now, I have it in my possession! Yay!

I cannot wait to read this. After all, Archie comic fans everywhere can attest to this statement: We've all been dying to know who Archie will pick between Betty and Veronica. I've always rooted for Betty. And now, wow! I can finally read about it. Yeah I know he's not about to pick just one of the girls and that's that. After all, that would be so sad! Because the day Archie decides is the day we all say bye bye to this well loved comics. This is a continuing story which I read in Archie Comics website. One version is that Archie proposes to Veronica and the other to Betty and then the creative minds behind Archie comics gives the fans a look at how life would turn out like for Archie as he settles down with the two girls.

This is a bit expensive than the usual Archie comics I buy but hey, it's a collector's edition no? I'm sure to enjoy reading this and I plan to do so as soon as I retire for the night.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another Birthday Shoutout & Another Celebrity Crush

Look at how time flies so fast. It seems like it was only yesterday when I went off to MOA to celebrate Ryan's 24th dinner birthday celebration and now he's 25! Been friends with him for about ten years or so now ever since we were in high school.

Actually, to tell the truth, Ryan and I didn't instantly click the first time we met, which was in 4th Grade! Yeah,  it gets that way when you go to a school that accepts students from kinder to high school - you pretty much get to know almost everyone. You see, during fourth grade elementary, he and I both got transferred for the very first time in the star section class - that's the section of the supposedly smartest kids in school. Ironically, we didn't get along even though we were both newbies in a class that's known each other since the first grade. Actually, I disliked him in fourth grade. I thought Ryan was a snob! And it didn't help matters either that he teased me a lot. So it's pretty much a surprise to us that we somehow hit it off when we ended up becoming classmates again during our freshman year in high school.

I credit Ryan for introducing most of the friends I made during our high school days. He's always been quite the social butterfly whereas I was pretty reserved. He hasn't lost that biting wit actually and I love that about him. He also hasn't lost his fun loving side. Anyhow, happy birthday Ryan! I really hope all your wishes will be granted and I hope all your dreams can come true!


Ooh la la! I said it before and I will say it again, Ian Somerhalder is one hot vampire! These are a couple of photos of Ian's GQ photoshoot. Gosh I have to buy the complete DVD of Vampire Diaries season 1 soon!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Updates

My long time crush, John Pratts! <3 <3 <3

So since I work for an events company, I sometimes get to work with celebrities. Last March 25, TV5 held their trade launch event at World Trade Center, Pasay. We handled the pre-show event and since it's a network launch, there were celebrities galore! But I only took one photo. See, I don't get starstruck with local celebrities - there are just a few exemptions! John Pratts is one of 'em. I've had a crush on him since I saw him on Ang TV. So I was absolutely thrilled to hear that he was going to be part of TV5's show and because I was part of production team, I had backstage access!

He's so nice. When I approached him, he actually shook my hand! Took all my strength not to faint right there and then. I mean, he shook my hand! And when I asked him for a photo op, he also held my hand to assist me on taking our photo. Super kilig yes! I think he looks really cute in this photo. My only regret is I didn't talk to him and introduce myself better. That was my chance. Darn it. Oh well. Maybe we'll meet again.

I like these boots from VNC. Wanted to buy it but it's kinda expensive. I guess I'm giving up on it though. I have to be practical. And I have so many shoes I want to buy so I guess, it's bye bye booties.

During the Araw ng Kagitingan non-working holiday, Mai Ann and I helped ourselves to Burger King's Swiss Mushroom burgers. It had been a long while since I ate at BK so I really enjoyed this lunch.

The weekend after our TV5 event, I went out with friends and treated myself to White Hat Froyo! Delish.

Spent the weekend after the TV5 launch with Jordan and Mai Ann. A get together with friends is always a great way to destress.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Me a Redhead And a Birthday Shoutout

Hurray! I can post pics with my updates. I can't believe I actually bought a Bluetooth usb device from CD-R King just so I could send photos to the laptop from my phone, darn me, turns out our HP laptop already has a built in bluetooth device! Oh well, I'll find a way to either use this or just sell this to someone else.

All rightie. On to my updates. And I would like to start with a birthday shoutout to my friend, Mai Ann who's 25 today officially.  
Mai Ann at Univers Kaizen Salon. No she didn't get anything done. I did. She just accompanied me.

I truly love this girl friend of mine! She's such a fashionista and she's got good taste in guys.When Mai Ann says a guy is cute, he really is - almost celebrity like cute. We also have so much in common like we're both mall rats! 

I've been friends with her since high school - junior year to be exact. We were classmates and I got to know her through a mutual friend of ours who's such a social butterfly and then our friendship developed when we became classmates again during senior year. 

Another thing we both love? Fro yos! I took this pic when we went to White Hat MOA.

She's going to be a great architect someday soon. In fact, I've already asked her to be the one to design my house when I finally have the money for it. Ann, you're one fine girl! Any guy would be so lucky to have you as his girlfriend... But while you haven't met him, let's both enjoy being the single, fabulous gals that we are.;-)

Oh and speaking of getting something done, I recently had my hair colored. Yeah! Finally after months of talking about doing it, I finally had the guts and the moolah to do so. I got my hair colored red. Why red? Well, I'm a Lindsay Lohan fan and I love Lilo's red hair. 
This is me, pre-hair color. Don't know if you could tell, but I actually have natural light brown hair. And although I like that, I thought it was time to sport a new look. 

Voila! Now I'm a red head. Well, it's kinda reddish brown actually. Mai Ann helped me picked. She's got good taste, I tell ya!

Although I actually considered getting it colored red RED like Karylle's. And in case you haven't seen her new hair color, I took a pic from a magazine cover. I'm also a Karylle fan by the way. Not a big fan. But a fan nevertheless.

Next time, I'll go sport this look!

For now though, I'm more than happy to have the Lindsay red hair. :-)

Okay, I've more updates to blog about including my experience meeting a long time celebrity crush but I will stop here for now. More on the next few days.