Ice Watch

I was not a big fan of watches while I was growing up but somehow through the years I've found myself collecting timepieces. I think it started when an old boyfriend gave me a pretty blue Timex watch for Christmas and then Avon started selling pretty timepieces and before I know it, I've become a watch wearing person.  Now I've got my eyes set on a new timepiece:

They're called Ice Watches. I think these are made out of fiber glass and here in the Philippines, these babies cost about P13,000 although I did see a seller on Ebay that sells these for half the price. I love that these watches are so colorful and very stylish! It definitely falls on my "Want to Buy" list.

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R. said...

Nice! Go get 'em Liz.
I wish I were more of a watch-person, but I can never seem to take good care of them ☮.♥.☆