7 Things

Look at that! My first blogger award, thanks Joei for this wonderful award. So, according to the instructions, I'm supposed to share 7 things about me now. So here goes...

1. I cannot live without lotion. Some people are text addicts, TV addicts, net addicts and what have you... Me? I'm a lotion addict. I have the large lotions at home and I have a small, handy one that I bring with me everywhere.

2. I love love loooovvveeee cute guys! You could probably tell through some of my blog posts.

3. Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys was my first ever major foreign crush. Like I said on my previous post,   I wanted to marry the guy!

4. I see myself in Carrie of Sex and the City a lot! Like her, I'm really into shoes. And I have a tendency to be fixated on things and erm... guys.

5.  I cannot write poems and I cannot dance!

6. I love Archie comics! I think Archie and the gang are really funny. And if Archie is gonna end up with anybody, I want it to be Betty!

7. Lastly, I enjoy walking. Yes, I do. I always walk from my office to the jeep station (which for a lot of peeps seem like a long walk but me? I don't mind), I also walk to and from RCBC plaza every Friday when I have a class there. Walking is the only form of exercise I can easily do.

Now, to pass it to my blogger friends: Russ of Because I Said So, Vea of A Real Messy Beautiful Twisted Sunshine and S & NJ of Peppermint Kiss.

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R. said...

... fellow lotion addict checking in!Ü I'm happy to find another lotion lover. I've tons, in different sizes -- in my bag, on my desk, in the living room, in the bathroom, everywhere! Sarap diba?


For the Beautiful Blogger award, thank you soooo much. I did a post already about that. You might want to read it, it's here.