I have this nightly weekday routine: everyday, when I come home from work, I go up to my parents’ room and I pop in a DVD movie to watch. And so here I go, sharing another movie I saw just the other night: Everybody’s Fine. I’m not sure if this has been released in theaters here in Manila already as I rarely go to a movie house nowadays.

It stars Robert de Niro as a father of four grown up kids. He’s a father who demands nothing more from his children than to be the best they can be. That’s his dream, nothing more. You might say he’s a bit of a perfectionist. For the holidays, he went shopping for new stuff as he was expecting every one of his kids to come home and celebrate with him but then they all cancelled out on him. Since he was a widow already, I was saddened when his children couldn’t make it home. I was in tears! And that’s just the first part of the movie where I cried. I cried when Frank, that’s his character’s name, decided to pack his bag and go to his children instead and when he sat there on the front porch of David, his son’s house and the son never showed up, I cried again!

I’m not going to tell you what happens to the rest of the movie. You have to watch it yourself. But it’s a tear jerker so arm yourselves with lots of tissue! I haven’t cried that much for a movie except for My Best Friend’s Wedding. It’s a good movie to watch especially when you’re also a grown up kid already, busy with your own life and you have parents who are already old!