Hurray! I can post pics with my updates. I can’t believe I actually bought a Bluetooth usb device from CD-R King just so I could send photos to the laptop from my phone, darn me, turns out our HP laptop already has a built in bluetooth device! Oh well, I’ll find a way to either use this or just sell this to someone else.

All rightie. On to my updates. And I would like to start with a birthday shoutout to my friend, Mai who’s 25 today officially.


Mai Ann at Univers Kaizen Salon. No she didn’t get anything done. I did. She just accompanied me.

I truly love this girl friend of mine! She’s such a fashionista and she’s got good taste in guys.When Mai Ann says a guy is cute, he really is – almost celebrity like cute. We also have so much in common like we’re both mall rats!

I’ve been friends with her since high school – junior year to be exact. We were classmates and I got to know her through a mutual friend of ours who’s such a social butterfly and then our friendship developed when we became classmates again during senior year.

Another thing we both love? Fro yos! I took this pic when we went to White Hat MOA.

She’s going to be a great architect someday soon. In fact, I’ve already asked her to be the one to design my house when I finally have the money for it. Ann, you’re one fine girl! Any guy would be so lucky to have you as his girlfriend… But while you haven’t met him, let’s both enjoy being the single, fabulous gals that we are.;-)

Oh and speaking of getting something done, I recently had my hair colored. Yeah! Finally after months of talking about doing it, I finally had the guts and the moolah to do so. I got my hair colored red. Why red? Well, I’m a Lindsay Lohan fan and I love Lilo’s red hair.


This is me, pre-hair color. Don’t know if you could tell, but I actually have natural light brown hair. And although I like that, I thought it was time to sport a new look.


Voila! Now I’m a red head. Well, it’s kinda reddish brown actually. Mai Ann helped me picked. She’s got good taste, I tell ya!

Although I actually considered getting it colored red RED like Karylle’s. And in case you haven’t seen her new hair color, I took a pic from a magazine cover. I’m also a Karylle fan by the way. Not a big fan. But a fan nevertheless.

Next time, I’ll go sport this look!
For now though, I’m more than happy to have the Lindsay red hair. 🙂

Okay, I’ve more updates to blog about including my experience meeting a long time celebrity crush but I will stop here for now. More on the next few days.