My long time crush, John Pratts! <3 <3 <3
So since I work for an events company, I sometimes get to work with celebrities. Last March 25, TV5 held their trade launch event at World Trade Center, Pasay. We handled the pre-show event and since it’s a network launch, there were celebrities galore! But I only took one photo. See, I don’t get starstruck with local celebrities – there are just a few exemptions! John Pratts is one of ’em. I’ve had a crush on him since I saw him on Ang TV. So I was absolutely thrilled to hear that he was going to be part of TV5’s show and because I was part of production team, I had backstage access!
He’s so nice. When I approached him, he actually shook my hand! Took all my strength not to faint right there and then. I mean, he shook my hand! And when I asked him for a photo op, he also held my hand to assist me on taking our photo. Super kilig yes! I think he looks really cute in this photo. My only regret is I didn’t talk to him and introduce myself better. That was my chance. Darn it. Oh well. Maybe we’ll meet again.

I like these boots from VNC. Wanted to buy it but it’s kinda expensive. I guess I’m giving up on it though. I have to be practical. And I have so many shoes I want to buy so I guess, it’s bye bye booties.
During the Araw ng Kagitingan non-working holiday, Mai Ann and I helped ourselves to Burger King’s Swiss Mushroom burgers. It had been a long while since I ate at BK so I really enjoyed this lunch.
The weekend after our TV5 event, I went out with friends and treated myself to White Hat Froyo! Delish.
Spent the weekend after the TV5 launch with Jordan and Mai Ann. A get together with friends is always a great way to destress.