Archie Comics: The Wedding Proposal

Did I ever tell you guys how much of an Archie comic fan I am? I've actually been reading Archie since the fourth grade when a classmate and former friend introduced me to the funny world of Archie. I probably have about a hundred plus of this popular comic book. Mostly double digests. I have a few digest comics but I prefer to buy double digest as they have more stories in it and I think it's a bit more practical to buy a comic that cost P190 than the P150 thin version of the comics.

Whenever I visit a bookstore, I always look for Archie although I don't buy every time I ask for it. This is exactly what I had in mind when I went with a couple of friends to the newly renovated Powerbooks in Greenbelt 3. I had intended to simply take a look at my favorite comic. When I asked where their Archie comics are though, the attendant had told me they still don't have Archie comics in the store. Boo! But imagine my surprise when about ten minutes later, the same attendant approached me and showed me that the above photo was the only Archie comics they had in stock at the moment. The Wedding Proposal! Seriously! I immediately reserved me a copy and now, I have it in my possession! Yay!

I cannot wait to read this. After all, Archie comic fans everywhere can attest to this statement: We've all been dying to know who Archie will pick between Betty and Veronica. I've always rooted for Betty. And now, wow! I can finally read about it. Yeah I know he's not about to pick just one of the girls and that's that. After all, that would be so sad! Because the day Archie decides is the day we all say bye bye to this well loved comics. This is a continuing story which I read in Archie Comics website. One version is that Archie proposes to Veronica and the other to Betty and then the creative minds behind Archie comics gives the fans a look at how life would turn out like for Archie as he settles down with the two girls.

This is a bit expensive than the usual Archie comics I buy but hey, it's a collector's edition no? I'm sure to enjoy reading this and I plan to do so as soon as I retire for the night.

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