The Week that Was

I finally finished the book I bought: How to be Single. I have to say it really was a very interesting story, a little bit heartbreaking as well but overall it was quite inspiring. What I loved most was how it all ended, how the five women developed a friendship with each other and the realization that dawned on the heroine... So how to be single? To be single is to learn to love yourself fiercely first and foremost. To love yourself like a lioness who protects her cubs.

I admit I hadn't always been like that with myself. I was always insecure and was always looking for the approval of others especially guys. This is not to say that I've completely changed. I sometimes still feel insecure but at least I'm more mature now. I try to shake off those insecurities and instead of noticing my flaws and focusing on those, I try to find something that I like about me. Take it from Samantha Jones who doesn't give a hoot about what others think of her. And no matter how many men she may get involved with, she doesn't forget to have a relationship with herself first and foremost.

And speaking of Samantha Jones, I watched Sex and the City 2 this afternoon with a couple of friends. I thought it was a nice movie. Not as great as the first one in terms of story but still nice. Gotta love the fashion of those ladies. I felt disappointed that they weren't able to give Aidan and Smith so much justice in terms of their appearance in the movie. There was also no sex which used to be a big part of what made Sex and the City a great show - and when I mean sex, I mean both physical and conversational. But no I wouldn't call it Sucks in the City as one critic had said.

 Love this outfit Carrie wore on the opening scene of SATC 2. So fierce!

The skirt I bought online also finally arrived just this Thursday. I saw it on another Multiply shop called Solamente Bianka. There are so many fabulous looking clothes there! And this is one of those that caught my eye:

It's called Stroll in the Park skirt. I thought the color combination is really pretty and cute. I couldn't forget this skirt after I saw it so I finally bought it. It's only P820. Totes love it!

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i have yet to watch satc 2!!!