Health Conscious Me: Cenovis Fish Oil and Myra E

It's been quite awhile since I last blogged. The last three weeks of my life had been a blur. Been so busy at work and I mean really busy. One of my superiors went on a 2 week vacation, out of the country and left me to man the port while she was away. I was left with my far stricter boss and a PR new account we had to bid for. It's that account that we still don't know the results of that kept me so busy, I hardly had time for anything else. Not even relaxation.

But interestingly enough, I learned something new. You see, I've recently made a pact with myself to start watching out for my health. Been drinking Myra E because of its anti-oxidant benefit. I'm after the glowing, healthy skin. But then we had this bid and it was for a fish oil supplement. I was tasked to research about its many health benefits and what I found was really amazing. Fish oil because of its Omega 3 specifically its DHA and EPA content brings so many health benefits which goes far beyond just heart health which most of us already know because of the active advertising campaigns of Century Tuna and San Marino Sardines. Fish oil also has anti-oxidant benefit which is good for the skin and is of course anti-cancer. It also has brain health benefits, anti-inflammatory health benefits that helps ease the pain of arthritis and prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes. So you know, I'm gonna buy fish oil supplements once I consume my bottle of Myra E.


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