You know it’s Christmas when the red cups are here. Lookie! It’s got a new look! 
Ryan’s got three stickers already. Bonsch and I gave him our stickers.
I was feeling kinda blue yesterday but my mood changed when I met up with my two best friends: Ryan and Bonsch at Mall of Asia. We bonded over coffee at Starbucks, talking about everything and anything under the sun. 
It’s almost Christmas again. The red cups are here after all! Have you seen their new planner? It looks fabulous. But I’m not collecting stickers this year. I have to be practical now. After all, 17 stickers entails me to spend about a thousand bucks on coffee. Maybe for those who can’t make it through the day without Starbucks coffee, this annual promotion is just cherry on top but that’s not me… So…
I have my eyes set on another planner, none other than the Belle de Jour Power Planner! 
I love the new design.
For the kikay and shopaholic girl like me, this is the perfect planner for me! It’s got discount coupons, events for the BDJ girls and stylish design on its pages. I haven’t bought it yet, although it’s already out but SOON I will. If you want to avail of the 5% discount, I suggest you order at their website until Nov. 30! I know I will.