Said goodbye to most of my old stuff toys which I have kept with me through these years. They’ve been gathering dust as I haven’t actually played with them for the longest time already so I thought it better to finally, finally just give it away to other kids who would give them the proper love and care I haven’t been able to do.

It isn’t easy to actually do so. My friends had already tried to talk me into giving these away since last year when they had me store it in a big balikbayan box. But somehow I was moved by Toy Story 3. You might think it’s a bit silly of me to be so affected by the movie! I mean it’s fiction for gosh sakes but really, it made an impact on me. So… this Christmas season, I took my toys and just donated them to Jollibee’s Maaga ang Pasko. I’m all grown up see… On the upside, giving those away means less clutter in my room. (“,)

I also spent a great day with my two best pals yesterday hanging out at two of my favorite parks in Makati: Ayala Triangle and Salcedo Park.

A shot of Salcedo Park from Coffee Bean, Four Seasons branch

Ayala Triangle view from Amici

We originally planned a brunch date but it turned to a lunch date instead at Ayala Triangle. Wanted to try Banapple which I’ve been planning to do every since I read about its new branch here opening in Makati but we ended up at Amici instead. I wasn’t so crazy about the food although it’s pretty delicious.

Carbonara from Amici
Lasagna from Amici

After that, we went to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (my fave coffee shop!) at Salcedo and hung out for awhile. I just love the weather yesterday: it was an overcast day, a perfect day for walking around town!

Ended the day strolling around Greenbelt. We had an early dinner at Flapjacks. Yum!

Ryan’s Dandy Burger
Buttermilk Pancakes from Flapjacks ordered by Bonsch

My creamy dory fish with tartar sauce. Yummy!!!
Gotta say, meeting up with friends is a great way to cap off the last few days of 2010.