It’s in mint condition. Hardbound and only P200!

The pages are still white and clean!

I finally have in my possession one of the chick lit books I’ve been meaning to read: Queen of the Babble! I’ve been waiting for a cheap paperback copy of this book but it seems I’ve been waiting forever! That’s why I’m so thrilled that I stumbled upon this site one night when I was on Facebook. I wrote about finding cheap Archie comics before  and now I’ve another source for bargain books!

If you love books like me, you should try visiting the site. You just might find a book you like and get it cheap. Odds & Ends 2nd hand library is pretty new. My batchmate from highschool owns it and she’s a book lover and collector like me but lately she’s been having space problem what with all the books she owns! It’s a nice idea, practical too.

I can’t wait to read Queen of the Babble!