Have you seen the news about Baguio and how cold it’s been getting there lately? Like way colder than usual? Well, I went there this past weekend for work. Just an overnight thing because we have this ongoing Umami Culinary School event.

I’m not a big fan of the cold weather! Gimme the heat anytime. I’m a happy gal when the sun is shining brightly in the sky. But since I didn’t have a choice, well, I just had to drag my butt off to Baguio, hence making it my first out of town trip for the year!

This is me with my officemates at Grace’s home. Their house in Fairview is our first stopover! I’m like kinda ready for the cold weather already with my sneakers and leggings! Yeah, I say kinda ‘cos I’m still wearing tube underneath that black sleeveless sweater vest.
This one is taken at SM Rosales, Pangasinan, our 3rd stopover on the way to Baguio. We had lunch at Mang Inasal! 

 Oh la! We finally made it to Baguio! I have never had my photo taken with the lion before even though I’ve been to Baguio for a number of times already so I thought this is the perfect opportunity! I know! It’s too bad it’s a long shot. Person handling the camera didn’t zoom in.

This is the transient house we stayed in. It’s a nice place. Quite near SM Baguio.

This is me wearing my F&X coat with my officemate, Bianca in the living room. Love the coat. Very comfy. Perfect for the biting cold weather of Baguio.

And this is me with my officemates, our client (the girl in red) and Ms. Nancy Reyes Lumen (the woman at the back) in the hallway of University of Baguio. We were waiting for our clients’ guests to arrive back from buying pasalubong so we took the opportunity to take more photos.

Trying on my red bonnet. Sadly, my fabulous green jacket from Topshop wasn’t thick enough to keep me warm from the cold. I was truly cold the whole time!

 We saw this kid while we were dining in at Jollibee Harrison. Look how cute she is all bundled up because of the cold!

On our way home, we made a stop over at a gas station in Tarlac I think. Almost everyone in the van bothered to get out when we saw Boy Abunda. It’s a photo op opportunity with one of the most influential people in showbiz!

So there! That’s my trip in Baguio. I did bring home souvenirs: the usual strawberry jam and galina de gato for my friends – well for a friend and my family plus some cute silver accessories and white blouse for me. Overall it was a nice trip even though it was really cold but my one regret? I didn’t take the opportunity to dress to the nines with thick and fabulous coats because everyone else was simply wearing sweaters. Trust me though! Those kind of clothing would’ve been very acceptable because as one of my officemates who’s been to Hongkong recently said the cold weather in Baguio right now is as cold! I ended up bringing home a souvenir I would’ve been happy to leave behind… I got the colds! Urk!