My Recent Fix

I've never much of an alcohol drinker. Hate the taste of beer (bitter). Not much of a wine drinker. And though I drink cocktails like Margarita and Cosmopolitan, I only drink them when I'm in a bar. I'm more of your coffee drinking kinda gal although that too I only drink occasionally... until recently that is!

This month alone, I've more or less consumed about 15 coffee drinks already! My body's system is getting used to it and I find myself spending more for coffee.
Ordered a Latte from Caffe Ti-amo. Not good!

Okay well, this is not coffee but milkshake. But I gotta give Chocolate Fire credit for such a sweet tasting drink!

Had Starbucks with Jack. Did not like their Chai Tea Latte!

I'm becoming Lorelai Gilmore here! Always gotta have coffee in her system.

I once shared to you guys already that I'm a fan of the Archie Comics. Huge fan! That is why I'm thrilled that now I have a cheap way to continue this love for Archie. I can buy from Booksale! The above cost only 55php. Cheap enough I think so! Although nothing's cheaper than hitting the thrift shops. Hmm... I think I'm gonna spend one weekend visiting thrift stores near our place when the weather is much nicer. I'll let you guys know how that goes!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lizzie, I'm a coffee drinker AND an Archie fan myself! :)

Have you read the Archie marries Veronica/Archie marries Betty comics? I haven't!

Liz said...

hi sophia!so good to hear from a fellow Archie fan! :)

yes, i've read the archie marries veronica/archie marries betty comics. it's really good. :-) hope you get to reading it soon!