Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Avril's Song Says It Best

Ever heard a song that made you say "That's exactly how I feel"? Things I'll Never Say is that song for me right now 'cos I've got this crush. I always thought he was cute even way back when we were still teenagers but we never really talked until recently. Anyhow if I could tell my crush one thing this is it:

If I can say what I want to say, I’ll say I want to blow you…away. Be with you every night… 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Did Visita Iglesia Today

I did Visita Iglesias today for the first time - okay technically it's really Station of the Cross since you're supposed to do Visita Iglesia once the Blessed Sacrament has been placed in the tabernacle but that comes after the Last Supper Eucharist which starts at 5pm! Anyway...

Quite tiring to do so. Luckily, I'm all for walking. Went to visit 7 churches in Manila with a friend. Five out of the seven churches I visited for the first time. My favorite out of the 5 new? San Beda Chapel which is well located inside San Beda College of course in Mendiola, Manila.

Alex once told me about it. He said it was a nice place to visit. He never got to take me there himself but well fast forward to a couple of years later I finally got the chance to go see for myself.

He was right to rave about San Beda Chapel. I couldn't stop admiring the ceiling paintings and the altar... Well, it was absolutely beautiful! Ryan took pictures of it but since I can't wait to blog about it already, I just took the photo below from

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Turning Tables Gwyneth Paltrow Cover

I just saw the newest Glee episode today and Ms. Gwyneth's back as a guest star. I'm loving her cover of Adele's Turning Tables.

"Next time I'll be braver. I'll be my own savior. Standing on my own two feet" - This is my favorite line in the song. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Summertime Craving

Hot days of summer are here again. Are you guys feeling the intense heat because I know I am! I'm not hitting the beach this summer so I have to find other ways to cool off. And while I was surfing the net, I saw this:

Doesn't it look so sinfully delicious? Just looking at it is intensifying my craving to have something sweet and cold. Oh wait for me, Mr. Jones' milkshake! I will come for you so very soon and I hope you are as good as they say you are!

*photo credited to

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunset by the Bay

On a spur of the moment invite, I joined my friend Ryan to shoot the sunset at Manila Bay. I love watching the sunset by the bay. There's something so breathtakingly beautiful about the sun setting. Never fails to inspire me and well put me in a romantic mood.

We didn't spend much. Just drinks and a little snack by the bay as Ryan took pictures of the setting sun. Personally,  I think this activity makes for a creative, romantic and fun date. Just the two of you, talking, sharing stories and laughing. It made for a great bonding moment as well between two pals.

I love my life right now. I've been so caught up in the hustle and bustle of the city life that I've actually forgotten how great it is to be able to stop and smell the roses. So many great things in this world we should appreciate!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Food Tripping Around Makati

It's been awhile since my friends and I have gotten up early in the morning on a weekend to meet up. But that's how it had to be in order to go to our first stop, the Salcedo Market! If you're around the area on a Saturday morning, you should definitely go to Salcedo Market.

So big but it's only P100! 

My two best pals in the whole world with their whopping burgers

It was a rainy morning but the sun decided to grace us with its presence around the afternoon. Ryan had to buy load from Mini Stop so Bonsch and I decided to help ourselves to sundae cones. I love these Mini Stop sundaes! It's part of my cheap thrills. 

Delicious sundae cones from Mini Stop. Only P15
Well walking around Salcedo village and Legaspi village taking photos of ourselves (Ryan had brought his DLSR so we gave in to our vanity. Hehe. I'll post pictures once he's gotten around to uploading it) made us absolutely famish so we had heavy dinner at Kanin Club, Ayala Triangle - Makati's very own version of Central Park. We couldn't finish our meal since it's quite a heavy meal. Still affordable since we split payments among the three of us. 

Mais Con Yelo for dessert

A full meal for dinner at Kanin Club

Beef Steak
Garlic Rice

I love laid back Saturdays especially those spent in the company of great friends. Luckily our food trip didn't cost us much.

Friday, April 8, 2011

New Song Discovery!

I just discovered another good song of John Mayer. I'm becoming a fan! He's got such nice songs. I love that this song speaks so positively of finding love - the good kind of love. It's the perfect song to play for me right now considering I want to fall back in love. I want to find a guy who will love me and love me good! One who will shower me with kisses, encourage me, make me laugh and basically just make me feel like I'm the luckiest girl in the whole wide world because I have him. 

What has brought this on? Well, I've been watching a lot of these love stories lately. First there was Catch Me I'm Falling In Love and then there was A Crazy Little Thing Called Love. That and the fact that lately, my single friends and I have been talking about how we wish to find a special someone to call our own. Well the law of attraction says when you really want something, you have to believe it right? What better way to do that than through a good song like John Mayer's Good Love is On the Way? 

"Good Love Is On The Way"

I'm a lazy lover
Wasting time
Then one day this summer
I changed my number
To cut my line

Good love is on the way
I been lonely but I know, I'll be ok
Good love is on the way

3 years broken hearted
But now her ghost is finally gone
I'm done with broken people
This is me
I'm working on (cause I know)

Good love is on the way
I've been lonely but I know, I'll be ok
Good love is on the way

Good to go for wherever I'm needed
Bags are packed and I'm
Down by the door
You can take all the tricks up my sleeve
I don't need them anymore

Good to go for wherever I'm needed
Bags are packed and I'm
Down by the door
You can take all the tricks up my sleeve
I don't need them anymore

Good love is on the way
I've been lonely, lonely, lonely, yeah
Good love is on the way
I've been lonely but I know I'll be ok
Good love is on the way
Oh, Good love is on the way, hey 

Monday, April 4, 2011

On My Mind These Days

New books to read!

Mai finally got around to bringing her Summit books which I've been asking to borrow for months! So now I've got new books to read. About time to because I have some time in my hands now. Actually already finished reading Table for Two. It's a nice read although I may appreciate it more if it became a movie.

It's the Manila Bay Cruise
I saw the Manila Bay Cruise just this past week when I decided to sit by MOA bayside after I went to the gym. I read about this dinner cruise on before. I kinda want to try it out but I've no one to try it out with. My friends don't want to go! And well, I'm single so no boyfriend to ask to take me there. I hope when I find a new love, he'll think of taking me there. I bet it'll be pretty romantic. Dinner by the bay. Cool breeze. Great music to dance to.

I'm almost done with graduate school!

 I just finished my last class in E-Marketing today and I was able to enroll two cognates for next term - the only two subjects I need to take to complete my academic term. Do you know what that means? That means by September, I'm going to take the last and final step to getting my Masters Degree in Marketing Communication. Wowee!