I did Visita Iglesias today for the first time – okay technically it’s really Station of the Cross since you’re supposed to do Visita Iglesia once the Blessed Sacrament has been placed in the tabernacle but that comes after the Last Supper Eucharist which starts at 5pm! Anyway…

Quite tiring to do so. Luckily, I’m all for walking. Went to visit 7 churches in Manila with a friend. Five out of the seven churches I visited for the first time. My favorite out of the 5 new? San Beda Chapel which is well located inside San Beda College of course in Mendiola, Manila.

Alex once told me about it. He said it was a nice place to visit. He never got to take me there himself but well fast forward to a couple of years later I finally got the chance to go see for myself.

He was right to rave about San Beda Chapel. I couldn’t stop admiring the ceiling paintings and the altar… Well, it was absolutely beautiful! Ryan took pictures of it but since I can’t wait to blog about it already, I just took the photo below from Spot.ph.