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I Heart Dashing Diva

My nails are so dashingly pink!

I treated myself to a basic diva pedicure today at Dashing Diva, Mall of Asia. My nails were badly in need of some TLC. So yes, it's a bit expensive, P450, but it was worth it. Absolutely worth every cent I paid. I didn't always go for these expensive nail salons. I always thought "Why should I pay that much for a pedicure when I can get one somewhere else at a fraction of the cost?" But that was the old me. The smarter Liz, me, no longer thinks about scrimping on pedicure.

You see, back then when I used to go to lesser priced salons, whenever my cuticles are pushed down and cut with the cuticle cutter and cuticle pusher, my big toes normally end up bleeding. There was even a time my big toe really swelled up so bad (yes, I'm talking pus here people) I could not wear closed shoes for like two weeks! Needless to say, those experiences were bad! And it's because my feet have been murdered before that I've been afraid of getting pedicures. To this date, I actually hold my breath whenever the nail technician is already pushing my big toes' ingrown until it's finally removed.

But that's why I love Dashing Diva. The nail technicians are well trained to handle your feet with tender loving care. What I like about their nail technicians is that they don't force it when your ingrown refuses to get cut up. They apply that softening liquid on it again and they wait for a bit before going back to pushing. As a result, no wounds! No blood! Just gorgeous footsies again.

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Manila Girl said...

I also love getting their Basic Diva pedi. Once I treated myself to their Spoiled Diva pedi though and in my opinion it wasn't worth it. I stuck to the Basic Diva from then on. :-)