Something's New at Coffee Bean

Last Thursday night after my class at DLSU, I went to meet with my friend, Ryan who was at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf University Mall reviewing for his compre exam. I couldn't resist the smell of coffee so I ordered my favorite tea latte. 

And I was given this by the barista: 

I don't know if this applies to all Coffee Bean branches already or it's just at the University Mall but this is a cool way of knowing when your coffee order is up. The barista no longer has to call your name. They simply press a button and... lights up like so! I think this is a pretty nice innovation from Coffee Bean. What do you think of it? Is this actually implemented in all Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf branches?


joei ♥ said...

Other shops have that too like Serenitea :)

Liz said...

it's pretty cool! :) i like this new way of waiting for your drink.

Anonymous said...

omg, that's awesome! i also didn't know serenitea had that,the last time I was there, they just called out your number. maybe it's like you said, depends on the branch? incredibly cool though if they'd have this EVERYWHERE