I rarely get sick which I am very thankful about. However I am occasionally prone to colds. Well my parents recently came down with the flu. I usually stay in their room at night because they have a TV there so I guess it was just a matter of time before I caught it.

I didn’t have a fever but I felt it was coming. My whole body ached. My eyes burned. I had the sniffles and the cough. Now usually when I have the colds, I like to sleep through it. But I couldn’t take the day off from work since I just really started at my new office. It sucks to be sick. It’s hard to think about anything else other than bed, bed, bed.

People told me that to fight it off, I should load up on agua and Vitamin C. Though I’ve taken the advice, I needed something that will work faster. Mom bought BioFlu. I took it before my bedtime and when I woke up the following morning, I felt so much better! It really works. I’m definitely keeping Bioflu in mind the next time I feel very sick.

When it’s manufactured by Unilab, it’s very effective for real! I mean when I have headaches, I turn to Biogesic. Now I have another medicine brand to trust.