Sunday, August 28, 2011

Current TV Series Addictions

While my other TV series addictions are on break, I've found a couple of new ones to fill my weekends with.

First addiction: Prison Break

Okay so technically, Prison Break is not new. In fact the series has already ended back in 2009. But me and my folks are only catching up now thanks to Ryan's old DVDs which he no longer wanted and had therefore given to me. It is so addicting! I love how it keeps you on the edge of your seat guessing at every scene: who are part of the cover up? who can Michael and Linc trust? 

Soon as I have money to spare, I'm going to buy Seasons 3 and 4 of Prison Break. 

Second Addiction: Nikita

I love ladies who can kick ass! Charlie's Angels Cameron, Drew and Lucy were a fave. Now, Maggie Q. is strutting in high heels and kicking bad guys' asses. I do believe Nikita's first season is done. I saw a DVD box set of Nikita at AstroVision just recently. But well ETC just began showing it so I've only began to love it. And in case you guys were wondering what has ever happened to Shane West - you know, Mandy Moore's lead guy in A Walk to Remember - well, he's back on the small screen... as Nikita's love interest I think... 


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

Yesterday was movie night at Ryan's house. We watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging on DVD. It was my first time to watch the movie. I know, so late! But better late than never. It was such a feel good movie! Sure the story was all about adolescents, finding love and learning to be one's self but well what can I say? Guess we're still young at heart.

Two things that stood out to me on that movie: the lead guy, Robbie aka Aaron Johnson and the song he wrote for Georgia, the leading lady called Ultraviolet.

So I went on Google to see how he looks now. He's still pretty gorgeous isn't he? And apparently, quite a few peeps on Tumblr love him too since the photo I posted on Cute Candies got a lot of reblogs overnight.

The song Ultraviolet from Stiff Dylans is so cute. A great soundtrack makes for a great movie too.

I wasn't like Georgia though when I was in high school. Had a huge crush on someone but never had the guts to talk to him. Was pretty shy. All I could really do was steal a glance and when he'd catch my eye and smile my way, it made my day. Watching this movie made me miss my high school days.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Top Ten Songs to Help You Get Through a Breakup

Confession: I had a summer romance. 
It was about a couple of months back when I first "met" him. Yes, that's a quote, unquote because it was really an online thing. I knew him from way back when I was still in elementary. He was a year older than I was and he was very cute! I've always had a crush on him even back then...It just wasn't intense back then. One because we never really talked. Second because there was always some other guy who caught my attention more..especially when I was in high school.
I saw him on Facebook one afternoon and thought what the heck, I'd add him. Did not expect he'd reach out to me... We talked and he turned out to be a good conversationalist. Well this time the crush I had intensified into something more. And I thought he felt the same. Unfortunately... the summer romance only lasted for a short while. 
I was disappointed of course. And yes it hurt. But I'm not one to stay down. I wallow... but I get back up and learn to move on. You know how some girls go out and spend money on making themselves look hotter post break up? Well...I become geekier. Haha. After my first serious heartache, I focused on studying and became an honor student in school. After the second, I devoted my time and energy at work and went to graduate school. This time? I wrote about it... Do read it yeah? (",)