Lenovo Philippines' EExtraordinary 10-second Hero Finalist

Confession: I really loved watching Captain Planet and the Planeteers when I was a kid. I used to sing along to its theme song too: Captain Planet, he's a hero. Gonna take pollution down to zero... 

All over the world nowadays we feel the wrath of Mother Nature - better known as climate change - coming down upon us. In Metro Manila alone, the streets become flooded quite fast - with just one heavy downpour. No storm mind you. Just a downpour.

That's of course all thanks to the garbage some people carelessly throw out on the streets, canals and rivers.  But what can we do about it? We're only one right? Not like we have superhero powers like Captain Planet - one huff and puff - fire's out, flood is gone...

Well that's what Zyra Bambico together with her orgmates from the Rotaract Club of San Pedro East are proving to the world through their GreEnvironment project. We don't need superhero powers to help save the Earth. In fact, she says that in under 10 seconds, we can do something small that can make a big impact on the planet.

I personally believe in this cause. And that's why I've been voting for her to help her become Lenovo's EExtraordinary 10-second hero grand winner. You see peeps, Lenovo is awarding the chosen EExtraordinary 10-second hero's charity of choice $50,000! Of course,it's not the only prize Lenovo is giving out.  For being one of the 24 finalists, Zyra already gets an IdeaPad laptop.

If you never got wind of this contest by Lenovo, well lemme give you a short backgrounder on what it's about.  Lenovo's EExtraordinary 10-second hero contest was announced back in August and it's calling all "doers" all over the globe to submit 150-word essay about a good deed they, someone they of or an organization they know of has done in 10-seconds. Out of  so many entries, Zyra Bambico is the Philippines' chosen one.

                                    Zyra Bambico, Lenovo Philippines' EExtraordinary 10-second hero finalist.

This girl truly embodies a "Doer". She graduated in 2007 at San Pedro College of Business Administration with five awards including 2 leadership awards and a a writer of the year award. Today she works as an IT instructor at her College alma mater. She also serves the church and her community by being part of the Rotaract Club and by being a member of the Faithful Jesus Church's Worship team.

Zyra with Lenovo Philippines and Microsoft Philippines executives

From L to Right: Vicky Agorilla, Lenovo Country General Manager; Zyra Bambico, Lenovo EExtraordinary 10-second Philippine finalist, Lalaine Zulueta, Parner Account Manager - Multinational Accounts, Microsoft Philippines and Anna Abola, Marketing Communications Manager of Lenovo Philippines 

Why is Lenovo doing this contest, you ask? Well this is recognition of their Enhanced Experience 2.0, a feature that can be found on select Lenovo computers. If it has the EE 2.0 seal on it, your computer is going to boot up much faster - like 20 seconds faster than your average PC! As Lenovo says, it's a small feat that makes a big difference! Just like their 10-second hero contest. Here's Zyra's entry for Lenovo's EExtraordinary 10-second hero contest: 

I personally think the GreEnvironment is a worthy cause and if you do too, then help her win! All videos of the 24 finalists can be found here: http://lenovo.promo.eprize.com/hero/. Voting is now open to the public and will last until October 5. All you have to do is select your country, register with your email address and find GreEnvironment entry among the finalists. Click on view story then click Vote for this Entry for your vote to count. The grand winner is the one that gets the most votes so spread the word guys!    

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