Gossip Girl I Will Always Love You

Before Serena van der Woodsen was brought to life on the small screen by Blake Lively and before Blair Waldorf was brought to life by Leighton Meester, I already loved Gossip Girl - the book series. I remember collecting the books, anxiously waiting for the next book to become available at Powerbooks. I got lost in the pages of Gossip Girl, imagining the glitzy world of the Upper East Side and basically constantly waiting to see how the love triangle of Blair-Nate-Serena would turn out. And when the stories of these characters ended in the Gossip Girl books, I felt sad...

Then one time while I was browsing the bookstore with my friends, Mai and Ryan, I found this book:

Cecily von Ziegesar came out with another Gossip Girl book with the characters I've grown to love. Nate, Dan, Serena, Vanessa, Blair and Chuck were all back in New York, a little older than they used to be but still truly delightful. 

Well, when my friend Mai bought it, you bet I borrowed it from her as soon as she was done reading it. Typhoon Pedring gave me the break I needed to finally read it. Still a great read I will tell you that much. I read it in one sitting even until dusk came along. Not even not having electricity could make me put down the book until I finished it. 

I highly recommend Gossip Girl fans to read this. Not just I Will Always Love You but the entire series with the original casts.    


Unknown said...

I've been a fan of Gossip girl too since forever but I hardly find time to watch because of school. hopefully this sembreak I can catch up with my missed episodes :)

Liz said...

I know what you mean girl. Work keeps me so busy, it took awhile before I could actually read this Gossip Girl book. hopefully yes, you'll be able to catch up now that you're on sembreak. :-)