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One of the most affordable ways a girl can prettify herself is by having clean and pretty feet. We go to the nearest salons to get a pedicure or a foot spa also as a way of pampering ourselves especially after a long, grueling week at school or the office. But let me share with you my confession about this - I fail to make time to visit nail salons religiously, reason being 1) I sometimes lack the budget as the average pedicure at a decent nail salon would cost around Php200 and 2) I actually have a bit of fear when it comes to strangers poking at my nails - specially my big toe. I've had several situations in the past where my big toe nail was poked too hard/too much, it not only ended up bleeding, it  swelled and for a few days or a week at least I couldn't dare wet it. I know so awful.

Well here's something I just recently discovered. If you want to do your own foot spa, Titania is the foot care brand to go to! I actually came to know about this only because I was invited to a bloggers' sparty at Freyja Day and Nail Spa.

 These are the different products from Titania, the leading European manufacturer of foot care. 

While Ms. Joni Ong, Marketing Manager of Titania took us through the step by step procedure on how to achieve pretty feet using their products, the women of Freyja Day and Nail Spa took care of demonstration. 


This is Ritchelle, also a blogger friend of mine, getting her own feet pampered. 

So how do you do a foot spa on your own? Here are the steps using Titania products: 

That warm water feels so nice on my tired feet

Start a nice, basic "cure" for your feet with a soothing footbath using warm water with Titania’s vital footbath salts in a basin.  Made with stimulating Dead Sea salts, this will relax tired muscles and soften the skin, making it easier to scrub off the dead skin later. Regular use can also prevent foot odor and athlete’s foot. 

Afterwards, use a foot rasp for taking off the hard skin of your feet. Titania’s foot rasp is made of stainless steel.  It is easy to be cleaned under warm running water and guarantees a hygienic use the next time you need it.

Get rid of callous and soften your skin with Titania’s range of double-sided foot file. Choose from the various emery or pumice foot files available. The file has a soft and a rough emery side or a soft pumice and rough emery side so you can decide for yourself if your skin still needs more softening.

I also had my long nails cut as it's more comfortable to actually wear closed shoes with short nails. To avoid ingrown nails, you have to cut it in a square/straight manner.

Finally, soothe and nourish with Titania’s foot mask, which contains grape seed, almond oil and calming lavender. To further soften and calm your feet, you may use Titania’s foot balm and other softening foot lotions, giving the “final touch” to your freshly groomed feet!

Luckily, the attending I had was very gentle with my feet. They're definitely pretty now aren't they? (",)

As a bonus, Titania actually allowed us to pick a coat of nail polish for our feet. I picked green 'cos it's such a happy and bright color - absolutely perfect for this gloomy and rainy season.

Beauty goodies from Titania! A complete set of their foot care product line. Now I have no excuse not to have clean and pretty feet.   

If you want to find out more about  Titania’s Soft Touch line for women, please “like” Titania PH on Facebook ( or follow @Titania_PH on Twitter.  Titania’s Soft Touch line is available in all leading department stores nationwide and its products include the nail cutter, cuticle nipper, corn cutter, cuticle cutter and pusher, and three different kinds of foot files to suit your needs.

And there you have it, ladies. Now there is no more excuse not to have pretty feet that you can flaunt together with your fabulous shoes! 

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