Monday, December 30, 2013

Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2013: It's raining men!

Allow me to kick off this post with a song from Geri Halliwell.
It's raining men
Hallelujah it's raining men

And at the 2013 Cosmo Bachelor Bash, that's exactly what happened! My friends and I were able to score invites for the second year in a row at the most awaited bash that happens annually, every September. Actually wasn't expecting to go anymore since I didn't really spend a lot of time hunting Cosmo Bachelor Bash buttons in's website this year but I got lucky so of course we went! 

And I am so glad I went to Cosmo University. So many hunks in one place! Woooooo! What a hot night it was! Here are photos of Mai and I with the hot men in the venue while the program wasn't starting yet. 

These hot geeks from CK are my favorite eye candy on the floor: 

But of course I loved Cosmo Bachelor Bash even more when the program started!

Oh Daniel! I still can't believe Heart let you go! 
Yummy Hideo! 
This was one hot initiation!
Am not much of a Rayver fan but he sure was a big hit that night especially with that banana bit! ;-) 
JC De Vera's a cutie! One of those centerfolds I was looking forward to seeing on the ramp! He actually resembles someone I know. 
Alden Richards, this year's number one centerfold sure knew how to tease the crowd! And what a lucky woman!

I had a blast attending Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2013 at the World Trade Center. Even though my feet ached from standing all night long to watch the men work their thing on the ramp, I definitely want a repeat next year! I only wish I could get VIP seats so I could really be there right where the action is! I'd love to be one of those lucky attendees that gets pulled up on stage by one of the bachelors! Will somebody tell me how please? (",) 

P.S. Photos are courtesy of my friend, Rappler and PEP. 
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Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Weekend Trip to the Mind Museum

Another thing I can cross off my bucket list? A trip to the Mind Museum! Yay! This is all thanks to Maila who was one of the lucky winners of the Mind Museum's contest for bloggers - first 20 bloggers to write about why they'd love to go to the museum will win 3 all day passes.

The Mind Museum was actually one of the companies that participated in the 2013 Blogapalooza which we both attended but I've known about it since it opened! I love trips to the museum. I do. During the International Museum Day last 2011, I went to visit National Museum and National Art Gallery plus I revisited Ayala Museum and I've also been to the Yuchengco Museum at RCBC Makati but my list of museums to visit doesn't stop there. I still have quite a number of them on my list - visiting The Louvre Museum in Paris is my ultimate dream museum!

Anyhow, back to the Mind Museum. This science museum is seriously nice! And unlike other museums, you can touch most of the things inside so it's a perfect place to learn about science both for adults and kids!

This robot greets the visitors at the entrance. Pretty cool!  

Some of the interesting things to see just by the entrance of the Mind Museum:

This vintage car was sitting near the entrance of the museum shop. 
Ornitoterro Verticale (Flying Vertical Machine)

And inside the museum...
This thing right here? It's a life size model of atoms! 

This is us sitting in the Planetarium about to watch another short film

When you sit in this chair, you're going to hear the sound of outer space . Just gotta listen closely

Discover Umami, the 5th taste! Takes me back to my days at my previous company where I handled Ajinomoto as a client. We toured different colleges in the Metro and outside the Metro even to educate HRM and culinary students about the fifth taste! 

And these two are my favorite:

Talk about a hair raising experience! Pretty cool noh?

Outside the museum, we also got the chance to listen to a Christmas musical courtesy of the Philharmonic Orchestra. 

I had a crush on the maestro. Quite a good looking guy!

We also got the chance to check out the Da Vinci Exhibit when we visited. It was I think about the second to the last day of the exhibit already. I learned so much about Leonardo Da Vinci just by visiting this exhibit. Looking at all the works he made, I actually found out that he's not just a famous painter, he was quite the man!  Da Vinci was a genius - he was an inventor, a scientist, an artist, an engineer, a musician and an architect!

And these are of course a couple of Leonardo Da Vinci's famous works which you've probably also read or seen in Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code:

Someday soon, I hope to see The Mona Lisa painting in the Louvre museum in Paris!

So there you have it folks. That's my weekend trip to the Mind Museum. Learning science can be so much fun with a trip to the Mind Museum. Thank you Maila for taking me. (",) 

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Love Advice from Reel Life: He's Just Not That Into You

Here's another confession: There are certain moments in my life (usually a low point) when I turn to movies for advice. Weird? Maybe...But through the years, I've come to realize that there are certain movies that I seriously relate to and so whenever I'm going through something, I find myself popping these films in the DVD to help me deal with my dilemma or even just to uplift my spirits.

For instance this movie...

Whenever I have problems relating to love and relationships - guy relationships in particular i.e. dating, figuring out the age old question "Does he or does he not like me?" - you betcha I'm watching this movie. Just ask my cousin who normally has to deal with sitting through this movie with me even though I've seen it a hundred times!

Like Gigi in this movie, I wanna find love and there are times that I miss the signs - the signs that would tell me whether or not the guy is into me especially when I'm really into him! Yes, I wait around for a text message that may or may not come. I sometimes go to places I know he usually hangs out at for a chance - a "coincidental" chance of bumping into him.

Wise words from Alex that I repeat to myself over and over again whenever I feel bummed out because the guy I like doesn't seem to want to be with me. These are great reminders for me seriously!

Alex: And the rule is if a guy doesn't call you, he doesn't wanna call you. 

Alex: Trust me when I say that if a guy is treating you like he doesn't give a shit, he genuinely doesn't give a shit. No exceptions! 

Alex: If a guy wants to see you, believe me he will see you. I once called 55 Lauren Bells until I got the right one. 

Gigi: So I'm making out with this guy - PG stuff and then he mentions that he's gonna be out of town so he's gonna be out of touch...
Alex: Run!
Gigi: But maybe he is going out of town
Alex: To where? New Guinea? Where is he going that he's gonna be out of touch? 
Although aside from that part, the reason I super love this movie is because Gigi gets her happy ending with Alex! This always makes me go "Awwwww" *heart melting*

Alex: You are my exception...

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

OOTD: Girl in Blue at the 2013 Philippine Fashion Week

This is one of those super late blog posts (I do have a lot of backlogs) but I'm blogging about it anyway. (",)

Just actually sharing the outfit I wore when I went with my friend and fashion blogger, Jordan at 2014 Fashion Week Spring/Summer collection back in October. Not very crazy about the show we saw - Creamsilk presents Luxewear collection - but I definitely appreciated Jordan taking me to watch.

I'm not really big on taking photos of the outfits I wear though I do like to dress up from time to time but whenever I'm with Jordan, he always gets me to take photos of my outfits too. Though I have no plans of following the footsteps of popular fashion bloggers like Camille Co, it can be kinda fun to do so based from experience.

This us after the Penshoppe fashion show which we didn't attend btw! Just went in after the show for photos! Heehee

Anyhow, let me go show you my entire outfit...

My earrings and necklace are from Avon. I have a ton of these pretty accessory sets actually. If I haven't told you yet, well, I also love accessories and Avon has a lot of these classy pieces. My shoes are from Nine West which I bought during our recent trip to Macau.

And my lovely dress? That's Chloe Edit from Zalora. I had my eyes on this dress for awhile - including it in my wishlist even - because that's how I do things now - curbing my impulsive shopping so I can truly be financially healthy. After awhile, I got a notice from Zalora on my email that some items from my wishlist were on sale and when I checked, this was included so I went and bought it!

I actually love shopping at Zalora. It's so easy and convenient! And they have a lot of fashion items in their collection from dresses, tops, skirts, shoes, bags, accessories, etc! You can pay once the items are delivered right to your doorstep which is 1-3 days in Metro Manila and return an item if you change your mind or want to exchange it. Do try it for yourself at

More photos of me wearing my outfit below, feeling model at Fashion Week. (",)

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Songs that make me smile...

...because they remind me of my crush... 

So, I have this crush. Crazy crush on my neighbor. Warning: A whole lot of gushing ahead!

He has piercing eyes - the kind that gives you the impression he's a bad boy (think Ian Somerhalder eyes) especially when he's in a serious mood. And then smiles - this lopsided kind of smile - that gives him a boyish charm. Either way, it sends butterflies fluttering in my stomach.

He likes to dress up in a hip hop get up - cargo shorts and shirt, often times wearing a cap, which in normal cases, I find jologs. Not with him though. He carries that fashion sense so well.

And another thing about my crush is that he loves music and he loves singing - rap, alternative, pop, etc! I remember celebrating last Christmas and New Year with him, a couple of his friends and a couple of mine through a videoke party. Yes, some guys you lure with food but him I lure through music! Ha! ha! 

Every time we do videoke, these songs are part of the lineup:

Mr. Brightside by The Killers. He loves singing this with shades on. I don't know why! But he looks very cute anyway!

Kaleidoscope World by Francis M. I actually took a video of him singing this song at one of our videoke sessions. I still have it saved on my phone too! Was supposed to upload it on to Facebook and tag him but the file's just too darn big. Too lazy to do something about it.

Once in a lifetime by Freestyle. He's got a romantic and sweet side to him! Kakilig this song! If he sang this to me, I'm going to say, "Mahal na kita!" Ha! ha! But yeah, I would swoon sa sobrang kilig.

But this is his ultimate favorite song that I heard tonight when my high school pals and I did videoke in Timezone and reminded me of the crazy crush I had on him - well, have again - present tense!

Champagne Supernova by Oasis. Truth be told, when I first heard this song, I thought "Hmm...Deep 'ata ng meaning ng song!" but I couldn't be farther from the truth! Ha! ha! I was able to tore my attention away from him to actually focus on the lyrics of the song he was singing...

"Where were you when we were getting high?" 

So if you know me in real life and I suddenly smile when one of these songs play, then you know the reason behind the smile!

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Must Have Red Card: Enjoy Philippines

When I attended the 2013 Blogapalooza, I got a lot of freebies! One of them was my very own Enjoy Philippines membership card. I've known about this red card since it first came to the Philippines a couple of years back but I never really tried it out 'til I got my own one for free.

This red card offers members discounts from 10% to 50% off in participating establishments in the country from dining, health and fitness, beauty to automotives, nightlife, shopping and living and learning! I've been checking out their website for a list of participating establishments and there's a lot of them! Here are just some of those that I'm personally interested to use my Enjoy card on:

Summit Media - I love magazines from this publisher. I always buy Cosmopolitan every month (it was Candy before when I was a teen) and I occasionally buy and read Preview, Good Housekeeping and Women's Health. By using my Enjoy card, I get 15% off on a 6-month subscription, 10% off on a 3 month subscription, 20% off on a one year subscription and 25% off for a 2 year subscription!

Fully Booked - I love reading books and I love checking out books at this establishment especially their Fort branch. With my Enjoy card, I get 10% off on cash purchases and 5% off on credit card purchases.

Western Digital Concept Store - Perfect for me because I need to get a new external hard drive to back up my work files! And with Enjoy, I get 5% cash and card transactions on regular items! 

Oh and of course there's Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf which I frequently go to with Ryan! I just love their English Breakfast Tea Latte! It's my comfort drink. And I love their Ice Blended White Chocolate Dream too. And with my Enjoy card, I get a free upsize of my coffee drink! 

And actually, this is where my interesting story with Enjoy card comes in. One Wednesday night a couple of weeks back, I met my best friend, Ryan for coffee after work in Glorietta. Ryan and I love meeting up for coffee and we both love CBTL. Anyhow, as I was paying for my Red Velvet hot drink which I had upsized to large, a guy came up to me.

He was tall and moreno with short dark hair and he just came from the gym (I'm assuming Gold's Gym) as I could tell by his clothes - white jersey shorts, a gym bag slung on his shoulder and a black fitted tank top that showed off his ripped arms. Oh yes, I got all that in a matter of seconds! 

Hot guy alert! I temporarily lost my ability to talk as I waited in excited anticipation what he wanted to talk to me about. I don't know if my mouth gaped open staring at the hot guy standing right in front of me that time (Gosh I hope not!) but I was totally flustered. When he asked me how I got my Enjoy Philippines card, I do believe I stuttered a little bit as I answered his question. He asked where he could get one too and if it was for free which I was able to answer, yes, but in a stoic manner. 

After the conversation, I told Ryan about it and he confirmed what I thought I should've done at that moment when Mr. Gym Hottie who conversed with me in English btw (I love Filipino guys who can speak the language in a grammatically correct manner!). What I should've done was flirt a little bit and at the very least smile at him. He wanted the Enjoy card too because he wanted to get a free drink upsize at Coffee Bean and if I wasn't caught off guard and had I quickly recovered from my state of shock at the dreamboat that was talking to me, I would've offered him my Enjoy card like so:

Mr. Hottie: Dude, we should totally get one of those Enjoy cards! It's free drink upsize everytime here at Coffee Bean! 

In my fantasy, what I said was: 

Me: Turning to him and his friends, "Here, you can use my Enjoy card for that free upsize" as I hand him my card and flash him a flirty smile. 

In reality though, when Mr. Hottie said that to his friends, I hastily took my change and my card and walked hurriedly towards where Ryan was, letting my chance pass by. Moral lesson of the story:  Embrace courage! Oh and never leave home without makeup on and/or with messy hair especially when you're going out after work to go to the mall because looking pretty helps in mustering up that courage too! 
Anyhow, if you want your own Enjoy Philippines you can visit their website to apply for one: and pay the membership fee of Php1,995. And with the many establishments ranging from food, beauty products, gadgets and even travel and learning that you can get a discount from or a freebie using Enjoy Philippines, you're getting your money's worth! 

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Thursday, December 5, 2013


A friend shared this with me and I have to hats off to the brains behind this new Pantene campaign, #WhipIt. It's such a positively uplifting campaign for women. Galing lang!

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

My Bacolod Adventure Part 4: Playing Tourist Part 2

Before heading back to Manila, on my last day in Negros Occidental, Shale took me to visit a couple more tourist sites.

First stop: Balay Negrense at Silay, Negros Occidental. It used to be the home of a late 19th century sugar cane baron, Victor F. Gaston.

This is one of the ancestral homes in Negros Occidental. There lots of them back in the Spanish colonial era.

These are some of the things I saw inside the ancestral house:

A grand piano. You know I used to play the piano when I was younger like in elementary school. I studied at Ryan Cayabyab's and then I had a private piano lesson near our place. I even remember going to Alabang for a piano recital. My parents thought maybe I'd be musically talented. They thought wrong though because after awhile, I just gave up on it. I have a fondness for reading and writing words more than musical notes.

An old phone. Wonder how people back in the days used this to contact neighbors and relatives? 

A sungka. I used to play this with Ate Elsie, our household helper. She taught me how to play this when I found a sungka at our bodega. I was pretty good in this game! I probably would've won sungkaan competitions in school during our Palarong Pinoy Festivals if I wasn't too shy to join then.

This is the family tree of the Gaston family and it's a huge family tree at that! That's because back in the old days, having a big family was normal like five to eight kids plus one of the Gaston ancestors married at the young age of 15 because her father's - who passed away suddenly - condition was that his daughter either get married or become a nun in order to get her inheritance. Marriage at 15! I can't image what that must be like.

More things to see inside Balay Negrense:

And of course, I couldn't leave Negros Occidental without visiting a very famous tourist spot that I've wanted to visit since reading about it on Cebu Pacific's Smile Magazine - The Ruins!

The Ruins was built by another sugar baron, Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson. He built this mansion for his first wife, Maria Braga Lacson, a Portuguese woman from Macau. His son personally oversaw the construction of this mansion.

The Ruins is such a beautiful place to see! There's a romantic vibe to this place actually. When Shale and I visited, Nat King Cole's Unforgettable was playing in the background. I fell in love with this place seriously!

I feel the love in this place. I know someone I would love to take here when I go back. This place is perfect for a garden wedding or a prenup shoot! I'd love to do the latter here. But first, I'd have to find the guy I'd love to walk down the aisle with. He he! 

I'd love to come back here. But maybe next time, I'd be with someone special. Maybe...

Anyhow, that wraps up my wonderful Bacolod Adventure. Special thanks of course to Shale and Jaton for making this trip all the more fun! (",)

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