In College, I was chosen as one of the best student photographers in our class. I always thought it was a fluke. But I can take good photos from time to time. Maybe not as good as Ryan who understands lighting, angles and stuff like that so don’t ask me those technical stuff but still good.

Let me share some of the memorable shots I’ve amassed through time:

Story behind the photo: Taken when I was staying at my Tita’s house in Quezon Province. My Tita loves gardening. I was going to 2013 Pahiyas Festival that time.

Story behind the photo: This is a pre-nup photo shoot at Sofitel. I happen to be there with my friends, Jordan and Mark who was here on vacation at the time. This was a sweet moment between the two so I played paparazzi. Thanks to my Samsung WB150F camera with 18x optical zoom I was able to take this.

Story behind the photo: ONE LOVE, Leap 55. I took this leadership training seminar and this was from our graduation. It was one of the best leadership programs I took! I’ve met and developed friendships with the people I were with in that seminar.

Story behind the photo: I took this at Passion Restaurant in Resort’s World, Manila. Standing in heels for hours along with the invited various journalists from different publications waiting for Kobe Bryant to show up during the Lenovo K900 presscon.

Story behind the photo: Typhoon Maring brought on flooding in and outside our house. My cousin and I decided to make a paper boat to pass the time since there was no electricity in our house at that time.

Story behind the photo: Kids playing in the flood during Typhoon Maring. Look how happy they are! But really kids, that’s disgusting. The very thought gives me the creeps. And you can get sick from this!

Story behind the photo: I accompanied Maila at Rustan’s Gateway to buy toys as gifts for her nephew and niece. She takes forever to shop (Maila, if you’re reading this, don’t get mad. You know it’s true! Haha) and looking at the toys brought out the kid in me!

Red Velvet Cheesecake at Slice 

Sunny Salpicao, The Early Breakfast Club 

Story behind the photos: These two I took today with my Samsung Galaxy S3. Early this morning, I got a text invite from Ryan to go to brunch. I normally sleep in during the weekend but spontaneous invites like this comes rarely from my best friend so off I went with him and my other dear friend Bonsch. These delicious foods from The Early Breakfast Club and Slice, both located in BGC were treats from them because I’m already a pauper and payday is still a few days away. Lovely way to start my Saturday.