Gone too Soon

I read news and hear news every day about violent crimes but I sure never thought one would hit close to home. I was seriously shocked when I read about the brutal death of Kristelle "Kae" Davantes on ABS-CBN.

I knew Kae from graduate school. We shared some classes in DLSU since we were in the same course. We were even group mates in some of our classes. Though we never hung out after classes, I remember what a sweet person she was.

This beautiful girl always had a smile on her face whenever I'd see her - the genuinely huge welcoming smile that makes you feel you can easily approach her. She was really nice and friendly. I remember encountering her outside school a couple of years ago when I had a job interview at what turned out was the office where she worked in at the time and she wished me good luck and said she hoped we'd be able to work together.

Though we're not close friends, I really felt sad and heartbroken when I found out the horrific incident that happened to her last week. She was only 25 years old and capping the work week off with a few drinks with her friends, ready to welcome the weekend...She had her whole life ahead of her but then it was taken away just like that. I still feel sad when I hear and read the news about Kae. I can only imagine the magnitude of loss her friends and family are feeling right now.

She didn't deserve to die like that... But I guess God has his own plans for Kae. I pray that whoever did that horrible crime to her would pay for what he or they have done.

Justice for Kae.

Dear Kae, may your soul rest in peace. 


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