Flooding has become the new normal in Metro Manila. Even when there’s no typhoon signal, even when it’s just the monsoon rains, a lot of streets get flooded fast. While students get to stay comfortably at home because classes get suspended, us working peeps, don’t always have such luck. We have to brave the strong rains and walk the flooded streets. And let me tell you something – I find it icky walking in the flood. After all, the streets of the Metro are not exactly known for their cleanliness.

So I finally decided to do something about it. I bought rain boots! Here are a couple of photos I grabbed from the Net. This is the Bearcat boots – they’re foldable, lightweight and you can wear your shoes underneath it. They come in a couple of cute colors too – calm pink, hot rose and sky blue.

A pair costs Php1,999 usually but since I found a deal on Groupon, I got it at Php529. I am liking my Bearcat rain boots. Now my feet stay dry and protected.