The Crazy Ones is a new addition to my list of must-see TV series.

The show is stars Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar as father and daughter who own an advertising firm in the windy city of Chicago.


I heard that Robin Williams had a new sitcom but it was only through a classmate from DLSU that I found out that it was called The Crazy Ones. She recommended it saying it’s a good show for marketing peeps. Well, I’m in the business of marketing communications so my curiosity was piqued.

I searched for it and I instantly loved its pilot episode.

Meet the cast: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robin Williams, Hamish Linklater, Amanda Setton (believe she was one of Blair’s minions on Gossip Girl) and James Wolk.

What drew me in: It was Robin Williams’ pitch to their client McDonald’s: the story of McDonald’s is not about the meat (hamburger) but about family. Probably not original from the show but hey that is a genius pitch! It’s creative! And I loved that jingle they did with Kelly Clarkson – it was very catchy. 

And I loved the second episode too about the Windy City Coffee where Sara Michelle Gellar had to think outside the box as to how to advertise the coffee brand then they came up with that giant coffee pot pouring coffee for the people of Chicago.

As someone who works in PR and dips her hands into marketing as well, I can so relate to what the characters of the show were going through. With so many brands in the market offering the same thing as your client, what is their edge and how do you as as their communications agency tell the story creatively/ differently so that they will get noticed from the crowd? And yes, it’s one of the most stressful jobs but it’s also an exciting line of work I tell ya!  

Although I did love the show, some critics were not impressed. They said this was just another show where Robin Williams does his crazy antics which they said used to be funny but not anymore. They called the plot unoriginal and compared it to Mad Men. 

Well I’m no critic or TV sitcom expert but as a viewer who has seen both episodes, I’m going to say this TV sitcom is promising! Robin Williams is still a comedic genius. He’s great as the unorthodox ad man Simon Roberts and Sarah Gellar as his uptight and play it safe daughter/co-owner of Roberts and Roberts – they mesh well together. 
Cutie James Wolk is my new Hollywood crush

I hope CBS doesn’t cancel this show. It’s entertaining to watch.