Here’s another confession – I love reading.

I’ve been reading since I was a kid. I remember getting my parents to buy me books everytime we had a family night out. When I reached 4th grade, I added comic books to my reading collection. In my teenage years, magazines became a part of that. And when I got acquainted to the online world, I discovered I enjoy reading blogs too.

Let me just share with you some of the blogs I love reading.

Frances of Topaz Horizon.  I discovered her blog when she went as a speaker for one of Belle de Jour’s events. I think the topic then was How to Make Money Online. Of course she talked about her blog and how she earns a decent amount of money from it enough for shopping. I love how she writes about the fun parts of her life. And being the former EIC of OK Magazine Philippines, she loved writing about Hollywood celebs too which I also love! She’s actually my blogging inspiration. 

Ryan of Live Like a Winner. I actually know him IRL. He’s my best friend. One I love his Tumblr address (astoldbyryan) because I picked that out for him! Haha! But more importantly I love looking at the photos in his blog. He’s an aspiring photographer and he’s using his blog to showcase his works which is a mixture of food shots, places and everything in between.

Shale of I Sole Search. Shale is also a friend IRL. But it was only during our recent trip in Bacolod did I find out that she also keeps a blog! Her blog is called I Sole Search because she likes to blog about her travels. She once went all the way to Kalinga Province to get a tattoo the old school way from an old woman they called Whang Od! What an amazing sense of adventure this girl has!!! 

Jordan of Paul Claudio. My friend Jordan is a big fan of fashion blogger, David Guison. That’s his inspiration for creating his fashion blog. I’ve been his photographer for a couple of outfit shots and I have to say I have a huge respect for the dedication fashion bloggers like him have in doing OOTD posts. Not a very easy thing to do – on top of dressing up, gotta find good backgrounds, think of good posts, different angle shots…Tedious! While I do make an effort more now to dress up and dress well, take outfit shots every now and then and post it here for the world to see like this, I seriously doubt I’ll ever be a serious fashion blogger.

I grabbed their photos from their respective blogs without permission but I hope that’ll be okay with them. I’m a fan expressing my love for their blogs!