Friday, January 24, 2014

OOTD: Taylor Swift and KEDS

Confession: I have always been a high heels kind of gal.

This is brought on really by my height. I 'm only about 5'0 ft tall. Sometimes machines even say I'm only 4'11! But I also wear heels because I feel like I have long sexy stems when I wear them! The number of flat shoes I own are very limited. And the last time I wore sneakers was back in College and that was only for PE class! Truth be told, I never thought sneakers were very fashionable. 

But then I saw this ad and I fell in love. 

I find red to be a very beautiful color. In fact at times I'm torn between red and green - as to which color is really my favorite color. The red KEDS. I was never drawn to sneakers before but the moment I laid my eyes on this, I had a change of heart. Plus I love Taylor Swift!

She's a very talented singer. So pretty too! Some say there's something wrong with her for always getting her heart broken - John, Harry, Jake, Joe... Some even say she may deliberately be sabotaging her relationships with men just so she can have songs to write about. I say, give her a break! She's young. And maybe she's been in love with the wrong kind of guys in the past. But so what? I'm pretty sure there are other girls just like her out there. 

Anyhow, back to KEDS. I have to give them two thumbs up for picking her as their brand endorser. She made these sneakers look oh so cute! Makes me want to buy more KEDS sneakers actually. 

Anyhow, I've been copying Taylor Swift's fashion with my very own red KEDS. Here's me in another OOTD pictorial with Jordan. These were taken around Magallanes village.

Outfit color combination: Blue and red with a touch of black 
Outfit details: Blue dress by Just G. 
                     Red bracelet gift from Mom (I don't know where she bought it!) 
                     Black striped bag with red handles from The Ramp 
                     Red KEDS sneakers (",) 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Lenovo's One Night Only Concert Promo

Confession: I am a big fan of Nina. I so adore this girl! Love, love, love her songs! Ever since Jealous actually. I love how cool and soothing her voice is.

Here are my ultimate favorite songs from the Soul Siren:

Why Can't It Be - such a sad song. Heartbreaking in fact!

Someday - still sad but I love how hopeful the lyrics of this song are.

Someday someone's gonna love me. The way I wanted you to need me.
One day I'll forget about you, you'll see. 

And Love Moves in Mysterious Ways. She's not the original singer and I've in fact heard this song before but I only fell in love with the song when Nina sang it.

I've heard her sing live once before but it wasn't a full blown concert. It was a corporate gig at a hotel. I'd like to catch her live performance again. Her and Freestyle. That's gonna go on my bucket list. 

Anyway, if you're also a Nina fan, I'd like to share with you this ongoing promo of Lenovo for their multi-mode PCs. If you buy any of the participating products, you'll get tickets to watch the Soul Siren live together with R&B and Soul Princess Kyla and Rico Blanco on January 9 at Resorts World Manila. Check the promo details on Lenovo Philippines Facebook page. 

Or if you're not in the market for a new PC or you just don't have the budget for a new PC at the moment, you can also try your luck by joining their raffle contest. Lenovo is giving 10 lucky fans the chance to win 2 tickets to see them live in that one night only exclusive to Lenovo customers concert. You can join here:

Good luck! :) 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Perfect Planner Companion for 2014: Belle de Jour Power Planner

Happy New Year guys!!! 

So today I finally decided to open all my Christmas presents and whaddaya know? Someone gave me this awesome planner! Don't have a planner yet for 2014? I highly recommend Belle de Jour ladies! :) Read on to find out how to get one for free!

I've been a BDJ girl for 7 years now! The only BDJ planner that I wasn't able to have was the first one because I couldn't afford it back then! Ha ha!  What I love about this planner is that it's soooo feminine! Plus it has grown to become more than just a planner. It's become a community! The Belle de Jour team holds these really fun events where you can learn so much more about beauty, fashion and women empowerment!

If you haven't seen the insides of the newest BDJ Planner yet, then take a gander! (",)

Inspirational quotes 
A page to write down your goals for the year and a page to write down what fears you have that you wanna overcome this year! #ChoosetoShine - this is in partnership with Pantene

Write within the lines or outside the lines, this planner is flexible! :) I'm loving the pastel colors! So feminine!

I also love reading these articles found in the pages of BDJ. 

Follow these bucket list, make one of your own  or add to these list! :)

Love shopping? Try one of these coupons to get discounts and freebies!

And cherry on top, this already comes with the Belle de Jour Power Planner lifestyle card so you can get additional discounts and freebies! I always use BDJ Lifestyle Card at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to get a free drink upsize! :)  

Well as much as I'd like to keep this for myself, I unfortunately already have one! So... I'm just gonna give it away to one lucky female reader! To join, simply follow the instructions below and once the contest is done, I'll announce the winner within 48 hours and contact her for details on how to claim this fabulous prize! 

P.S. This contest is open only to Philippine residents. :) 

2013 My Year Full of Adventures

2013 flew by so fast for me. Well they did say that time flies when you're having fun and this year has been a year full of adventures for me! If you've been a constant reader of my blog, you've probably seen my adventure posts like my Bacolod trip and my Throwback Manila party. But actually there's so much more I haven't been able to tell you before but I'm sharing them with you now!

I went Go Kart Racing! 

Special thanks to my good looking friend, John for being my go kart racing buddy

Outdoor movie with Ryan in Nuvali 

Wakeboarding in Nuvali! 

Thank you Shale and John for taking me here

Check out my wakeboarding experience on video 

For the first time ever in my 27 years of existence in this world, I went on a ride all you can adventure in Star City. Yes, I rode the scary rides like the Viking. I never screamed so loud before in my life but you know what I never felt more alive than that moment. Although my knees did turn to jelly and I cried in relief when the ride was over.

This is me with my LEAP buddy Apol in one of the scary rides. My buddy actually enjoys these kind of rides! Thank you Apol for being my ride all you can adventure buddy.

Learned to Salsa at Dolce Vita  

Pahiyas Festival 2013 with Mom 

Went to Hongkong and Macau with Mom and my friends. Our first ever out of the country trip together!

Baguio trip with my ONE LOVE LEAP 55 friends  

It's been a great 2013 for me. I look forward to more adventures this 2014 and I hope to share them with you again dear readers of mine.

Happy New Year!!!