Confession: I have always been a high heels kind of gal.

This is brought on really by my height. I ‘m only about 5’0 ft tall. Sometimes machines even say I’m only 4’11! But I also wear heels because I feel like I have long sexy stems when I wear them! The number of flat shoes I own are very limited. And the last time I wore sneakers was back in College and that was only for PE class! Truth be told, I never thought sneakers were very fashionable. 
But then I saw this ad and I fell in love. 
I find red to be a very beautiful color. In fact at times I’m torn between red and green – as to which color is really my favorite color. The red KEDS. I was never drawn to sneakers before but the moment I laid my eyes on this, I had a change of heart. Plus I love Taylor Swift!
She’s a very talented singer. So pretty too! Some say there’s something wrong with her for always getting her heart broken – John, Harry, Jake, Joe… Some even say she may deliberately be sabotaging her relationships with men just so she can have songs to write about. I say, give her a break! She’s young. And maybe she’s been in love with the wrong kind of guys in the past. But so what? I’m pretty sure there are other girls just like her out there. 
Anyhow, back to KEDS. I have to give them two thumbs up for picking her as their brand endorser. She made these sneakers look oh so cute! Makes me want to buy more KEDS sneakers actually. 
Anyhow, I’ve been copying Taylor Swift’s fashion with my very own red KEDS. Here’s me in another OOTD pictorial with Jordan. These were taken around Magallanes village.

Outfit color combination: Blue and red with a touch of black 
Outfit details: Blue dress by Just G. 
                     Red bracelet gift from Mom (I don’t know where she bought it!) 
                     Black striped bag with red handles from The Ramp 
                     Red KEDS sneakers (“,)