Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Diary ng Panget: The Movie

Confession: A couple of years back, I decided to cut way down on the number of films I watch in theaters. But if I do watch a movie in cinemas, it's most likely a Hollywood film. Lately though, the movies I've chosen to fork over money for are Pinoy movies and they are all good films to see.

There was Bakit Di Ka Crush ng Crush Mo, Bride for Rent (both starring Kim Chiu and Xian Lim aka KimXi love team) and Starting Over Again.. I had planned on watching ABNKKBSNPLAKO which starred Jericho Rosales and Andi Eigenmann but I forgot to note down the screening date and since I haven't been going out a lot lately (read here why), I didn't know that it was already in cinemas 'til it was too late.

Well, here's another Pinoy film that I feel is worth watching. This is the trailer I saw on Youtube:

I think the acting was just right. It wasn't over the top or trying hard. It made me laugh actually. I have a feeling this is going to be one cute, feel good movie. Yes, I'm most likely not the target audience of the film but I'm still going to watch this anyway. Plus James Reid is pretty cute. Bet a lot of teen girls will see this movie.


Finally watched this in the cinemas with Ryan and Bonsch. And my first impression is right - it is a cute, feel good movie! To be honest, I was almost discouraged from watching it because of the negative reviews I read from Spot.ph and Rappler. Movie critcs said "a lot of the jokes are hampered by drab execution and the romance is killed by dull filmmaking. A lot of what could have been fun and hip is squandered by relentless posturing. It is heavily scored, with a lot of the jokes and the romantic moments drowned by loud melodies of spoiling stingers... Sure it will elicit the necessary shrieks of delight from its target audience, but it will not win new admirers who have an entire library of local formula-based romantic comedies that are done with a lot more finesse and expertise."

 and this:

"For a film based on a young woman's private journal, Diary ng Panget provides very little insight on the modern day troubles of a young adult. Because of the lack of characterization, the resulting lvoe story ends up feeling superficial and unmistakably convenient. Although younger generations have always been represented as carelessly naive in matters of loves, Diary ng Panget makes no attempt at tempering that with any amount of substance. In the end, the young are all depicted as ugly ducklings waiting for their prince charming."

I'm no movie critic and I'm certainly not the target audience of the film neither are my friends (hello, late twenties!) but we had a great time watching this film. It was nakakakilig - James Reid I love you! Ha ha! and the characters' lines were witty!

I liked Viva Films take on this movie. I do believe this is the first romantic comedy I watched under Viva. Previous romcom Pinoy movies I've seen are both from Star Cinema by KimXi - Bakit Di Ka Crush ng Crush Mo? and Bride for Rent and while I loved them both too, Viva's take is quite refreshing for me in the sense that there was no heavy dramatic conflict to the film.

"...any young adult trying to make sense of life, they should know more than anyone that life is much more than just that."  - Oh sure, there is more to life and I'm sure the youth very much know that life is more than just about fighting school bullies, getting rid of acnes, dressing up and getting into a relationship. But come on! Let's face it, when you're young, those things I just mentioned there, for the youth, those are real dilemmas/issues that can be a big deal to them too. Heck when I was a teen, I knew that there was more to life than just that! My Dad always told me that.

My friends and I left the cinemas with a smile on our faces. Even when we were already having dinner, we were still discussing the movie. So if you ask me, is it worth it to watch the film? Hell yeah! Go! Watch it! Ryan and I are even thinking of watching it again.  

I'll leave you with the movie theme song "No Erase". A piece of advice: Don't over think the lyrics. Just listen and for the girls, just drool over James Reid. Quite catchy this song.

James Reid and Nadine Lustre sure have chemistry. I love this love team! I hope they make more movies with these two as a pair. My friends and I are such fans na of Jadine (James Reid + Nadine Lustre)!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Why I've been home early from work often lately...

I've been coming home early often these past couple of months, straight from work and it's not just because I have a friend who lives in the same area as me. Truth be told it's because I got hooked on  another teleserye on ABS-CBN Primetime - The Legal Wife.

If you've been reading my blog for some time now, then you know I usually don't watch teleseryes. I'm more drawn to western TV series - Vampire Diaries, Scandal, Glee etc. But The Legal Wife has me hurrying home after work, trading my usual night outs with Ryan because of Kapamilya actor, JC De Vera.

He plays Max, the guy who's agenda is to bring down Vita Sardines, the business of Monica's (Angel Locsin) family but his cocky character soon falls in love with her, the woman who's marriage to Adrian (Jericho Rosales) becomes rocky after she finds him cheating on her with her gasp! very best friend, Nicole (Maja Salvador).

The last time I traded my usual night outs with friends was when Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin was still airing and that was because Coco Martin was the lead actor in that show and I had a huge crush on him! Yes, had - as in past tense because well my biggest Pinoy celebrity crush now is JC. Sorry Coco. Hi hi.

I've always thought JC De Vera's cute since his Kapatid days but it grew into a full blown crush after I saw him as one of Cosmopolitan's 2013 Centerfold Bachelors.

From cutie...

I love his face here with his eyebrows furrowed like that as if he's deep in thought. Is he angry or confused, I don't know but he's still gorgeous! 

to hottie!

This is a promotional pic for another one of his Kapamilya projects, Moon of Desire

JC De Vera's single and I am super thrilled about that! I'm not one who goes gaga over cute celebrity guys but if I ever met JC in person, I just might lose my composure. That's how big my crush is on him! Haha!

He actually resembles someone I know. Someone very close to my heart. And JC from this hand written "Top 10 things JC De Vera has always wanted to ask women" from Cosmo.ph 2009, he sounds like he's got the "easy-to-get-along/makulit" vibe that goes well with that boyish charm of his.

JC not only has a hot body, he also has a seriously heart stopping smile:

So this is my latest confession - the reason I've been choosing to come home instead of going out after work, my HUGE crush on JC De Vera.

P.S. Can someone tell me how I can meet this guy? (",)     

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mall of Asia's 5th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition

On Valentine's weekend, I went to Mall of Asia with my two best friends, Ryan and Mai to watch the 5th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition. It was the first show of a month long competition held every Saturday.  

These fireworks are so beautiful! Let me share with you some of the great photos Ryan took.  

The Pyromusical Competition is a great show to watch whether with a date, with friends, with family or yes, even by yourself. I technically watched it alone since Ryan and Mai were on the VIP seats and I was on the Gold. Free tickets only from WheninManila.com so... 

Anyway, you can still catch it over the next two Saturdays of this month. Just be sure to get there early especially if you have a car to avoid traffic and to ensure you'll have a parking slot. Weekends at MOA always mean a lot of people around. 

CashCash Pinoy even has a promo right now for the Pyromusical so check that out. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Wedding Fashion

I recently blogged about the wedding of my friend, Kitkath which I attended in Tagaytay with my College friends. Now I just want to talk wedding fashion! Particularly just want to show off the fabulous dress I had on during the wedding. (",)

Royal blue tube dress from Warehouse
I already had this tube dress in mind but I kept stopping myself from buying it because it came with quite a hefty price tag. Believe me, I went around the malls looking for a nice royal blue outfit that's more affordable and would appeal to me but eventually, I gave in to buying this one! 

High heeled black pumps from The Ramp
I paired my tube dress with a statement Grecian inspired royal blue and gold bracelet

And I traded my normally big bags with this small black handbag from Avon. 

What I like about the dress is that it's not super formal so I can wear it as a work outfit paired with a blazer to a date outfit, night out with friends outfit and yes for special occasions so at least I get more bang for my buck!