Flashback Friday: Popular

Confession: When I'm having an introvert weekend, I mostly spend it watching TV series whether on DVD or online. It's actually one of the things that my cousin, Mark and I love doing together.

Well, a few weeks ago, I was checking out Candymag.com's Candy Blog for ideas on a PR Communications plan I was doing for my client when I stumbled upon Marla's post about Popular. It's one of the earliest American TV series I remember watching when I was a teenager. 

Gosh how I loved that show! It's about these two teenage girls, Brooke McQueen and Samantha McPherson and their highschool cliques and their lives at the opposite ends of the popularity scale. A lot of things drew me to this show - cute guys (one jock and one geek cute), snappy dialogue especially that of Nicole - the other bitchy popular blonde character - and a good soundtrack to boot! Here's Kendall Payne's Supermodels - the theme song of Popular. 

I also love the plot line because it showed that while these teens lived such different lives they were all complex characters - the jock who secretly wanted to be a theater actor, the beauty queen cheerleader who thinks she's still fat even though she's already darn sexy...

Popular was actually created by Ryan Murphy - yes the Ryan Murphy, who gave us Glee. Oh and I only realized that Sandra Oh, the actress who plays Cristina Yang in Grey's Anatomy was also part of the show. 
My friends and I loved Popular. Unfortunately, it didn't last long. It went off the air only after 2 seasons (I never even finished season 2. Was it ever finished???) and I was seriously bummed when that got cancelled! But thanks to Marla, now I know that Popular can be streamed online! Oh the wonders of the Internet! 

So this is how I'm spending the rest of my Friday today since I got off early from work. It takes me back to my own high school days. (",) 


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