My Blog Just Got a Makeover...

...Okay so technically the blog makeover has been around for about two weeks now but I'm only getting around to blogging about it.

I've been a blogger for years now - long before blogging even became a profession - though I deleted my old personal blog - but one of the things that I've always been frustrated about when it comes to blogging is finding a design I would love. 

I used to spend hours scouring free blog templates on Blogskins 'til I found the one that would catch my eye. But then I got tired of doing that. And then I tried Shabby Blogs and I stuck with the design I picked out for years because again I just got too lazy to spend hours searching for a new replacement. Plus for quite awhile, I had abandoned blogging so...

Anyway, when I found my blogging groove back, I decided it was high time to update my blog design too! Enter Fancy Girl Designs! I found out about Patricia's work through Frances of Topaz Horizon because I just love reading her blog and when she got her blog design updated, she blogged about the designer. 

As soon as I saw Patricia's works on her Facebook page, I knew I just had to avail of her service too. I seriously love most - if not all - of the designs she's made! It's so feminine, so colorful and basically just lovely! Her designs were exactly what I was looking for! 

I just love my new blog's design - a combination of green and orange, an idea I got from browsing a wedding magazine one time while my friends and I were hanging out at Dunkin Donuts in Mall of Asia. I was initially going for a pastel color combination look (a lot of the designs I've been loving in Patricia's page had pastel colors). 

Truth be told, I don't have an eye for design. I just know that I love something when I see it. But I can't really describe it in detail. I can only go as far as color. Ha ha!  That's why I was initially afraid that the colors I picked wouldn't work because they were both strong colors. But Patricia just made it work! 

This citrusy design is just perfect for summer! I super love it!

It was so easy to work with Patricia and her design fee is affordable too. I'm so happy about this new blog look! It makes me want to blog so much more often. (",) You betcha I'm gonna come back to her once I feel like doing some more improvements on my blog. 

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