Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Let's Have a Party!

I've been very busy the past couple of weeks because I've been traveling. I'll blog more about my travel adventures soon but for now, let me tell you about this cool party happening this Thursday night! 

Lenovo Philippines is going to hold its ever first Twitter Party to promote their multi-mode tablet, the Lenovo Yoga Tablet! Yay!!! It's going to be hosted by the Morning Rush DJs, Chico Garcia, Delamar Arias and Gino Quillamor since they also use the Lenovo Yoga Tablet. If you're a Rusher and follow these three on Twitter or Instagram, you've probably seen some of their tweets or IG posts about it.

Gamer Gino enjoyed playing his games on the Yoga Tablet 
Chico watching the Oscars in his Yoga Tablet 
Del doing  Yoga poses from online videos streamed on her Yoga Tablet

It's a really cool tablet which I dream of owning also as I've said before! It has three modes - tilt, hold and stand mode and what's even way cooler than that is that its battery can last up to 18 hours! I've personally tested that claim and yes it can last that long without charging or powering off!

Reasons to attend the Lenovo Yoga Tablet Twitter Party

1) It's hosted by the three coolest/wittiest DJs: Chico, Del and Gino of RX93.1's Morning Rush
2) You get to learn more about the Yoga Tablet and even get to take home one for yourself!
3) Lenovo is also giving out lots of other freebies during the party because what's a party without giveaways right? :)
4) You can attend even when if you're on your PJs! All you need is a Twitter account and a strong Net connection because the party is happening online.

If you've been dreaming about this gadget too and would love to own one yourself, then join the Lenovo Yoga Tablet Twitter Party this Thursday, May 29 at 7PM-8PM! Register here to join and learn more about the party: http://lenovo.registration.ph 


Monday, May 19, 2014

Soundtrack: Songs for the Broken Hearted

Confession: Sometimes, I think I could have a career as a music supervisor for films/TV shows like Dawson's Creek (for the 90s kids) and Vampire Diaries.

Because aside from a good story plot, it's the soundtrack that draws people in.

Imagine this for a story background: Girl meets boy. Girl falls in love. But no happy ending for her for one of the following reasons: Tipong unrequited love/pinaasa sa wala/bawal na pagibig 

Songs I'd play for this part of the story:

1.  Nina- Why Can't It Be? 

Because let's face it, love knows no reason. 'Pag nainlove ka sa tao, e nainlove ka. Despite the looks, despite the status in life - mahirap/mayaman, despite the marital status - may girlfriend/may asawa. So yeah when you end up falling in love with someone who can't be yours kasi may girlfriend/may asawa/may mahal na iba,  you ask yourself, "Why Can't It Be?" - bakit nga ba? Wrong timing?

Why can't it be?
Why can't it be the two of us?
Why can't we be lovers? Only friends?

Baby I dream of you every minute
You're in my dreams
You're always in it
That's the only place I know
Where you could be mine 
And I'm yours (baby I'm yours)
Only till I wake up

2. Lisa Loeb - Fools Like Me 

Aminin! Pag nainlove tapos hindi happy ending, so perfect for those in love with someone who just can't love them back because well... they love someone else - you tell yourself love was made for fools like you! When you're broken hearted, there's that part that of you that just wants to be alone, pity party for one. Side note: this is a soundtrack from Grey's Anatomy the early seasons - you know, those days when Meredith was still pining over Derek aka McDreamy who turned out to be married!

Everybody go, the party's over
I want to be alone in my head, in my bed tonight
You never show

You must really love her
You think I don't know but I do
Yeah it's true
I think over is over

3. One Direction - More Than This

Another side note: discovered this song through a friend's blog which she posted when she was broken hearted. Such a sad song. Bagay for those who believes that the love they have to give is so much stronger, so much better than the one that the guy/girl they choose to be with can give. Bume-better than ang peg! At umaasa that the person they love will see that.

I'm broken, do you hear me?
I'm blinded 'cause you are everything I see
I'm dancing along, praying 
That your heart will just turn around

When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight,
It just won't feel right,
'Cause I can love you more than this, yeah,
When he lays you down,
I might just die inside,
It just don't feel right,
'Cause I can love more than this 

4. Backstreet Boys - That's What She Said 

Para sa mga pinaasa that they were actually loved only to realize that the truth of the matter is, hindi talaga.

There are people who say what you want to hear
Even on a rainy day they'll tell you that the sky is clear 

Those simple lies that she fed 
I will never leave you
All the love I thought she had 
But can you blame me, no
Cos that's what she said 

5. A Fine Frenzy - Ashes and Wine 

This I discovered naman because I got hooked on The Holiday. Anyhow, this is so fitting for those who got their heart broken but still may part na umaasa that what it all is is a minor bump in the road to their happy ever after together.

Is there a chance? 
A fragment of light at the end of the tunnel?
A reason to fight? 
Is there a chance you may change your mind?
Or are we ashes and wine? 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend Spent at the Mind Museum

My Saturday was spent re-visiting the Mind Museum at Bonifacio Global City. This is all thanks of course to the free all day passes that they gave me for blogging about their newest exhibit: The Apocalypse Project
Thank you for the all day passes Mind Museum! (",)
Since I was with Jordan, an OOTD photo shoot was part of the agenda again. I'm seriously starting to love taking shots of our outfits - challenges me to dress up more so I can look pretty/cute for the pictures. It was how we entertained ourselves while we waited for Ryan to arrive.

Another pretty top from Ezra, bought from Zalora (",)

And while we were roaming around the area of Burgos Circle, we saw this white, fluffy cat sitting in the bushes. I just couldn't resist taking a photo! It's just sooooooo cute, I wanted to pick it up and ran my hand over its fur.

We let the inner child out of us at the Science-at-the-Park too, located outside the museum. It's nice to be silly from time to time. 

These are the new things I saw at the museum:

A little science class for kids was going on when we got there. 

Inside the carbon 
Feeling like a paleontologist! 

And of course, I checked out the The Apocalypse Project exhibit at the second floor of the museum. 

Jordan checking out the Smell Bar of Vanishing Scents 
Another everyday outfit in the imagined future. Fishnets are a big hit to repel those pesky mosquitoes that bring diseases! There are so many of them already they've driven the mosquito repellent industry bankrupt! 
This is one of the everyday wear of the future - a cooling outfit because in the imagined future, the heat is so strong, it's impossible to go out without wearing such outfit! 
This is a beauty pageant gown made out of black plastic trash bag 
This is a barong with a hood because climate change makes the prediction of weather so unpredictable so it's best to be prepared for your wedding day!  If it rains, pull up the hoodie and when it stops, just remove it.
Such an interesting exhibit to see! We're already feeling the effects of climate change, wearing such couture in the future seems like a near-reality! Scary right? 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Because I'm a book lover...

I joined a book club!

It's no secret by now that I love reading. I've blogged about books I've read and books I want to read through the years. And so when one of my long time blog friends, Joei posted about her being part of a book club, first thought to cross my mind: COOL!!!

Now I am part of the SBC - Secret Book Club. Every month, two members of the club gets to propose a BOM (Book of the Month) and then we schedule meet ups to talk about the books we've read. The only catch though is that most of them are from the South so meetings are in Alabang/BF Paranaque area. I'm from Makati and the only times I've been to Alabang were for a work meeting and I rode a car/cab to get there and back. Never commuted there before but I said yes anyway! Alabang adventure! Yessss!

My new found friends from SBC

I enjoyed my first book club meet up. It's just so nice to meet people who share the same interest as you. Joining the club means two things for me. It's opening myself to meeting new people - for instance I finally met Joei ( in white top) and Russ (with the stripe top) in person which is absolutely wonderful! They are my blog friends from way back when blogging was just like a personal diary only online and we've kept in touch through the years through social media too. Joining the club also means opening myself up to reading books that I normally wouldn't read and discovering new books that I may end up liking.

Am really thrilled about being in a book club and I am looking forward to our next get togethers to meet the other members too!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Embracing Kikayness

Confession: I never learned to put make up on until I was well in my 20s. 

In high school, the only "make up" I had with me was baby powder. In College, even when I studied in an all girls school, the only additional make up I had with me was a lip balm from The Body Shop. This is mostly because my Dad always said I was a natural beauty - "no need to put all that gunk in your face," he'd always say. 

I had to give it to Dad - he always made me feel so beautiful. But I realized there's also something really nice about wearing make up. It conceals the imperfections you see on your face i.e. dark under eye circles, dark spots caused by dried pimples etc. and overall it just enhances one's natural beauty. And when you look good, you feel good, di ba?

So now, I make it a point to wear make up - most of the time. Ha ha! I still have my lazy days okay? But really. Nowadays, I embrace the "kikay" side of me. 

In fact, I enrolled in a personal make up workshop class to learn more about putting make up on: 

Learning the smoky eyes bit here
With my kikay buddy, Jackie

Me with Faith, one of those stylish and fabulous women I admire
The personal make up workshop was taught by Cecille Rebollos, a well established make up artist in the country. I loved this class because one) I learned so much from applying the right shade of foundation to eye liner to blush on and best of all, I learned the art of applying eye shadow - my biggest frustration when it comes to make up! 2) It's a small group of students so she's very hands on with each and every one. 3)And I got to take home make up from Underground by taking this class! 

Gorgeous Sessions by Cecille Rebollos has make up class schedules this May for both personal make up and basic pro. Try it out for yourself! It'll be an educational and fun weekend promise! 

And since The Body Shop had a sale during Labor Day, I went make up shopping! I actually like The Body Shop because it's beauty with a heart. It has ran campaigns against human rights abuses, animal protection and the environment! 

I bought a BB cream because I've read that's actually more ideal to wear on hot summer days, brush on shimmer and bronzer because I wanna achieve that sun kissed look. (",) And because I really love the smell of their Chocomania body butter and it was on sale, I bought one too! It smells sooooo yummy! 

Plus I got these freebies from The Body Shop!

My own Love Your Body card - this will definitely keep me coming back!

 Actually, I even got a free makeover from them because I asked the very nice and accommodating sales  lady at The Body Shop Power Plant branch how I would be able to achieve the sun kissed look using their make up products. 

Well, with my make up, pretty top and nice background, I just had to pose for a few photos. 

I likey my Eza green mesh top, so refreshing to look at, another outfit bought from Zalora! 

Yes, mahangin sa labas! LOL! 
I couldn't stand the heat any longer so I tied my hair! 
I so love my sun kissed look from The Body Shop! Perfect for summer noh? 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

My Road Trip Playlist

Confession: I like to see the sights when I go on a road trip. Rarely do I sleep while on the road.

Recently, our company went on a summer swimming trip to Nasugbu, Batangas. It's quite a long drive and   that's how I found myself on Google, creating a new playlist for my iPod, which was on my must-bring list - to keep me company while we were on the road.

In my search for road trip song suggestions, I stumbled upon Spotify. I know this digital streaming service has been in existence for a while now although in the Philippines, it's just fairly new - like last month new. Spotify can be installed on desktop units, mobile phones running iOS and Android or you can opt to use its web-based service on browsers. 

And how cool is it that this playlist can be embedded on the blog and be shared to you dear readers? Pretty cool for me!!!  

Anyhoo, let me share with you my summer road trip playlist which I just created on Spotify in case you're looking for song suggestions for your own road trip. (",) 

Will definitely be updating my playlist soon because I have another road trip coming up. Any suggestions? 

Friday, May 2, 2014

My Pahiyas Festival Adventure

Pahiyas Festival was my first ever festival experience. 

It was my cousin, Mark, who enticed me to check it out. We were supposed to go back in 2011 when we were both exploring the work-at-home lifestyle but I was only able to check out the famous Quezon Province festival in Lucban, Quezon with my mom last year.

I thought I'd share my whole Pahiyas Festival adventure with you guys (finally!) after my friend, Jordan told me he'd like to consider going to Lucban to witness it but had no idea what the festival is all about. Plus I think it's high time I do make kwento about it especially for those who are looking for a summer adventure this moth of May.

Pahiyas Festival is celebrated every May 15 in honor of St. Isidore (San Isidro) The farmer, patron saint of harvest. During the festival, locals adorn their houses in colorful decors made of vegetables, fruits, longganisa and kiping (a leaf-shaped wafers made of rice in brilliant colors). 

Here are some of the wonderfully decorated houses I saw during my Pahiyas Festival adventure:

We really played the part of a tourist during our Pahiyas Festival adventure. 

Picture taking in front of the decorated houses? Check! 

Eating local delicacies? Check!

Lucban longganisa is the best! I enjoy eating this with tomatoes 
Eating pancit habhab

Buying a souvenir? Check!
I bought one of these straw hats.

There are creatively designed entries such as these:

And a funny signage:

A lot of time and effort are put into doing this. Well, it doesn't hurt that the local government gives out prizes to the most creatively designed houses.

I also witnessed the parade which was equally colorful.

Of course since I was already in Lucban, I also visited Kamay ni Hesus, another famous attraction there.

Oh yeah, I climbed up all the way to the top
Stop by this chapel as well and say a little prayer

Noah's Ark
Want to know more about it? You can read up more about it here.