Pahiyas Festival was my first ever festival experience. 
It was my cousin, Mark, who enticed me to check it out. We were supposed to go back in 2011 when we were both exploring the work-at-home lifestyle but I was only able to check out the famous Quezon Province festival in Lucban, Quezon with my mom last year.

I thought I’d share my whole Pahiyas Festival adventure with you guys (finally!) after my friend, Jordan told me he’d like to consider going to Lucban to witness it but had no idea what the festival is all about. Plus I think it’s high time I do make kwento about it especially for those who are looking for a summer adventure this moth of May.

Pahiyas Festival is celebrated every May 15 in honor of St. Isidore (San Isidro) The farmer, patron saint of harvest. During the festival, locals adorn their houses in colorful decors made of vegetables, fruits, longganisa and kiping (a leaf-shaped wafers made of rice in brilliant colors). 

Here are some of the wonderfully decorated houses I saw during my Pahiyas Festival adventure:
We really played the part of a tourist during our Pahiyas Festival adventure. 
Picture taking in front of the decorated houses? Check! 
Eating local delicacies? Check!

Lucban longganisa is the best! I enjoy eating this with tomatoes 
Eating pancit habhab
Buying a souvenir? Check!
I bought one of these straw hats.

There are creatively designed entries such as these:

And a funny signage:

A lot of time and effort are put into doing this. Well, it doesn’t hurt that the local government gives out prizes to the most creatively designed houses.

I also witnessed the parade which was equally colorful.

Of course since I was already in Lucban, I also visited Kamay ni Hesus, another famous attraction there.

Oh yeah, I climbed up all the way to the top
Stop by this chapel as well and say a little prayer
Noah’s Ark
to know more about it? You can read up more about it