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New Cool Skin Treats from The Body Shop

I recently got invited to check out The Body Shop's newest cool skin treats - the Body Sorbet and Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet.

The newest products from The Body Shop are aptly named Sorbet because they are literally cool!  It's marketed as skin products that are perfect for summer to quench your skin from the heat but the Philippines is a tropical country so even now that the rainy season has began, The Body Shop's Sorbet line is still very fitting to use.

In honor of the new cool skin treats of The Body Shop, cool treats were served during the launch.

First time in years that I ate froyo again and the first time I ever to taste Pink Berry! Those red toppings are strawberry poppers - when they pop in your mouth, it offers a burst of sweet delight.

Refreshing health drinks from Easy Pha-max 

I've known about Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass health drink but it was also only during the event that I dared to try it. I've always had this impression that because it's wheatgrass, it would taste "yucky" - for lack of a better term. Glad I was proven wrong! It's actually good. Sweet even - specially when it's mixed with fruits like lemon already. Only Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass uses both leaves and roots to give you the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and chlorophyll. They come in three flavors - moringa, strawberry and orange. I tried both moringa and strawberry during the event and yes, both are sweet. Sweet enough to make me consider ordering one for myself since I'm all about being healthy now.

Sweet food treats were also laid out for the bloggers to eat during the launch. French macarons, mallows and Stick O's! I have a sweet tooth so yes, I helped myself to these!

The Body Sorbets retail for PHP850/pc and it comes in 5 different fruit flavors: Mango, Moringa, Strawberry, Pink Grapefruit and Satsuma. Body Sorbets offers a frosty burst of 24 hour moisture freshness to the skin, keeping you hydrated without feeling sticky!

Meet the new Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet, another cooling skincare treat from The Body Shop. This one is a moisturizer for the face. It's a day moisturizer and like the Body Sorbets, it will also give you a burst of refreshing coolness while giving your face the deep hydration it needs to help beat the intense heat!

This moisturizer has Aqua Sphere technology - microscopic moisture spheres that act like tiny reservoirs and hold hundreds of times their weight in pure water. Each pot contains over two million Aqua Spheres, which the makers say will deliver a 24-hour feed of moisturization to the skin! Its 50ml frosted glass jar is sold at Php995.  

Getting a first-hand trial of the products:

Testing Body Sorbet
Testing Vitamin E Aqua Boost

Yep, they are both refreshingly cool in feeling! Put 'em in the fridge to make it even cooler! Also, it feels lightweight and it's easily absorbed by my skin.

I had a nice time attending my first ever event with The Body Shop alongside some other bloggers. It's a delight to embrace kikayness!

What I love about these new products from The Body Shop is that not only are they sweet smelling - a divinely sweet - (always a plus for me!) but it also feels very cool in my skin. It's what sets it apart from the other moisturizing products out there. Lucky me, they gave me both products to try!

Do drop by your nearest The Body Shop branch and check out their cool skin treats. And while you're at it, check out the complete Vitamin E product line up! 

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