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Chicago the Musical comes to Manila

Confession: I've only seen Chicago, the movie recently for the very first time.

The film was shown way back in 2002. I am so late in the game, aren't I? Well, that's what happens when you stick to watching just your favorite films over and over again. But Dad had amassed quite a collection of DVDs and so I figured why not go and check out what he had bought over the years. Sayang naman if I just let them all sit there in storage. And since Chicago the Musical is coming to Manila this December, I thought I'd go see the movie first and if I like it, I'm going to watch the musical performance at Solaire Resort and Casino.

I both loved Catherine Zeta Jones and Renee Zellweger's performances in the movie. I especially love Catherine. The woman is so fabulous isn't she? Chicago - celebrity, scandal and corruption set at the Jazz Age Chicago - very interesting.

These are my two favorite songs from Chicago:

Cell Block Tango 

Now, I'm standing in the kitchen
Carvin' up the chicken for dinner
minding my own business
in storms my husband Wilbrin in a jealous rage
"You been screwin' the milkman"
He says
He was crazy and he kept on screaming

"You been screwin the milkman"

Then he ran into my knife
He ran into my knife ten times

My sister, Veronica and I had this double act
And my husband, Charlie traveled around with us
With the last number in our act
We did 20 acrobatic tricks in a row
One two three four five, splits, spread eagles,
Back flips, flip flops, one right after the other
Well, this one night before the show
We were down at the hotel in Cicero
The three of us, Boozin' and havin' a few laughs and we ran out of ice
So I went out to get some
I come back, open the door
There's Veronica and Charlie
Doing number seventeen, the spread eagle

All That Jazz

Come on, babe
Why don't we paint the town?
And all that jazz
(And all that jazz)

I'm definitely going to see this Broadway Musical at Solaire. It's going to run from December 2 to 21. Tickets are now being sold online at Ticketworld.  And with it being a six-time Tony award winning musical, I'm sure tickets are going to be selling like hotcakes! Hopefully Ryan and I get to purchase our tickets sooner than later because I really want to see this!

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