Let me tell you about a couple of products that I now consider to be a must-have for my beauty kit because they really do work their magic on my skin!

Belo Essentials  Gel 

I have combination skin and while I do cleanse, tone and moisturize diligently twice a day, I still get acne from time to time especially around the time when I’m about to get my period. And sometimes, I get one of those hideous pimples – you know, the red ones that grow quite a noticeable size – and it makes me want to go on hiding until it disappears! I can’t though because I have to go to work so I turn to a product like this to help remedy the situation. I was using a different brand that offers the same promise as that of Belo Essentials’ Acne Pro Pimple Gel but I recently came to realize when I was getting really bad breakouts that it wasn’t working like it was supposed to. 

My friend from work, Maila recently tried this product and she told me that it effectively banished her pimples. And so hearing her testimonial along with having read a couple of positive reviews about this brand of pimple gel, I went to the nearest Watson’s branch and bought one for myself since I was recently getting those bad breakouts again. 
This made my face itch at first. I thought I was having an allergic reaction to the product! But as it turned out, it was just a sign that the product was doing its job. I saw the difference overnight! My very red and noticeable pimple became smaller and then three days later, it was completely gone! Amazing really! And it only cost me Php150. What a steal!!! 

Here’s the thing about me – I’m a klutz! And you know what happens when you’re like that? You get bruises and you get wounds. And as we all know, once the wound heals, it leaves a scar. Usually when I get a scar, I leave it alone…that is until I tripped on my own two feet, wearing flat shoes – I kid you not – and ended up with a wound on my face – specifically on my upper lip area and chin. It was an ugly sight to see! And when the wound healed, it left a noticeable scar on my face that could only be hidden if I wore make up day in and day out. But if my face was bare free of make up, it was there for everyone to see and I couldn’t stand the thought of that! In fact, it even made me think that I might have to shell out a lot of cash to get that ugly sight out through laser surgery or something. 
Luckily, I remembered Maricar Reyes’ TV commercial about Contractubex, the scar gel and so off I went to the nearest Mercury Drug Store to buy me a tube of this scar gel. Contractubex, the Scar gel claims to have a triple effect: 
  • Prevents excessive scar tissue
  • Reduces redness, itching and the feeling of tension 
  • Makes the scar smoother and improves elasticity
I religiously applied it on the scar on my face daily, during the morning after I’ve cleansed, toned, moisturized and put sunblock on and at night again before I slept and even during break times at work (there’s no specified limit as to how often the product could be applied). After a couple of weeks I saw my scar lighten until it completely disappeared! 
I’m applying this topical cream on a couple of other more recent scars I have. There’s a scar on my leg sustained from an escalator accident and I have noticed that it has lightened up. I can now look at a full length mirror again when I’m trying on shoes and not think how horrible my leg looks now with that scar. And I also have this keloid scar on my elbow that’s a result of me being dragged a little bit on the street from a snatching incident and since I’ve applied Contractubex on it, I’ve began to feel that it’s starting to shrink and also it has lightened up. 
At Php500.00, Contractubex is definitely worth buying and it is a steal compared to if I had chosen to undergo laser treatment.