Melissa Conquers the World

After attending the Blogapalooza event a couple of weeks ago at SM Aura, Jordan and I also chanced upon the Melissa exhibit at the mall's ground floor. Naturally, being a fan of this shoe brand, I just had to check it out.

The exhibit display is seriously cute and kikay, just like their shoes, we just had to take photos around the area.

Different Melissa shoes were on display in the area from heels, wedges to flats. 

These stylish shoes were not only on display at the exhibit. Visitors were actually encouraged to try them on. Of course I tried on their new wedge shoes which I've had my eyes on for some time now. 

Know what the best part of visiting was? I got a 20% discount coupon from them by uploading this photo of me wearing Melissa shoes on my Instagram account! Awesome!!! 

I haven't used this discount coupon yet but I definitely will soon. I'm planning to use part of my Christmas bonus on buying me a pair of Melissa shoes. I'm thinking of getting this style:

It's the Melissa Flip Wedge

Are you also a fan of Melissa shoes? Want to get yourself a 20% discount coupon too? Well you're in luck! You still can! Melissa Conquers the World exhibit is still happening. Check out their Facebook page to find out where you can check it out.

I can't wait to go shopping for Melissa shoes!


A Gracious Life said...

I like that shoe too! What's their price range?

Liz said...


the wedge shoes is Php4,995. :)

Sara said...

Hey Liz, looks like you had fun and the backdrops are so adorable! Totally loving the trunks that are stacked on top of each other. I'm still contemplating on getting Melissa flats only because when Melissa did a collaboration with forever 21, I grabbed a pair and they hurt. :)

Liz said...

oh yikes. really sara? that's definitely a cause for concern though. haven't really tried their flats yet - I'm more drawn to their heels/wedge. haven't really had a problem with their shoes before except when I'm already wearing them for too long. haha

The Creative Lass said...

I have already read aboutt Melissa on another blog so I pretty much had an idea about this. Hehe. Were there only a few shoes displayed? I was hoping to see more shoes. Haha well I guess I should come there and see myself

What's the price range of the shoes? The flats look like they're affordable.

Liz said...

From what I recall, only some styles were made available on display - mostly flats.

The Melissa flats are around Php2500 - Php4000 depending on the style. :)

Shari said...

I actually have two pairs of Melissa shoes because they are just so comfy and not to mention, super bango! :) I love the pair you got :) And the photo you posted at the last part - super nice!!

Liz said...

Shari I so agree! They are super bango and comfy to wear! I would have 2 pairs of Melissa shoes din sana but I sold the 1st pair of wedge shoes I got before kasi it was a lil big for my feet pala. 😑 but I still have the Amazona pair and i love wearing it. 😄 and that flip wedge is cute!!! Can't wait to buy it.