Confession: Sometimes, when I feel like my workload is getting mentally draining, I find myself reaching for my phone to play a game for a little while since going down to take a walk outside is pretty time consuming (We’re on the 24th floor and the building elevators are soooo slow!). Oh and this is a cheaper and not to mention slimming form of break than going outside to buy something to eat.

Here are the games I currently play:
Campus Life is about growing your sorority house – buying land, house decors, getting new recruits, getting the girls promoted at their jobs, traveling and having boyfriends too. Pretty cute game. Louie, my friend from LEAP was the one who introduced this game to me. She said I’d love it and she was right. 

It’s not the newest game around but I’m still pretty hooked on Candy Crush. I get thrilled when I finally get to surpass a level that I’ve been playing for days or weeks. 

Kim Kardashian Hollywood – this game is very similar to another smartphone game I used to play, A-List. I have to climb my way up to being an A-lister but the only difference is this time, my character is not just an actress who can work her way up by taking commercials and acting jobs on TV and movies. This time, I can do so by making appearances at clubs, modeling, etc. just like Kim Kardashian IRL. Very entertaining. 

Clash of Clans – this game is a surprise for me too. If you know me IRL, you’d know that the games I usually like are girly like Campus Life and Kim Kardashian. But my cousin, Mark said I should try it and I kinda got hooked on growing my clan by destroying other clans, stealing their gold and elixir. It’s pretty challenging to play since it’s a strategy game. Careful planning is needed in order to attack a clan and win their gold and elixir.