Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Selena Gomez song that brings on all the feels...

I've  just very recently come across Selena Gomez's new song, The Heart Wants What It Wants that had a lot of the media buzzing because they said it's her song for on again and off again boyfriend, Justin Bieber. And recently, she performed it at the 2014 American Music Awards and got the media and the fans (including me!) talking about it even more because she got really emotional while performing it.

I heard the song and I watched her performance at the AMAs. Music critics call this her painfully pathetic song. But while I agree that it is painful, (my heart went out to her especially while I watched this live performance; kinda made me shed a tear like Taylor Swift did), I personally believe there is nothing pathetic about it.

I understand her pain. I understand fully well the feeling of being in love with someone who doesn't seem good for you. Who brings you heartache. And the desire to let go and move on from it... But somehow find yourself stuck and unable to leave. Repeating the cycle over and over again, until your heart is not just bruised but trampled on, it's barely beating... because you love the person so much that it  also hurts to not be with them...

"There's a million reasons why I should give you up. But the heart wants what it wants."      
But when something - or someone isn't good for you, mustering up courage is in order to fully let go and break free. After all, like the Spice Girls once sang, "too much of something is bad enough". A girl's gotta realize her self-worth's more important than any guy - no matter how much you love him. I hope Selena does make it out alive, that she survives this fever. I love Jelena but I'm all for Selena ditching Justin for good if all their relationship brings her is confusion and drama. And Selena is a beautiful and talented girl anyway. I'm sure she'll meet another guy somewhere who will love and treat her right... if she only opens her eyes and heart eventually. 



Sunday, November 23, 2014

Weekend at Tuscany Inspired Marcia Adams Restaurant

Before I got all caught up with work this November, I went on a weekend out of town trip with some of my friends. We escaped the city for awhile and went to the nearest getaway, Tagaytay to have lunch at Marcia Adams Restaurant.

This is one of the food places I've always wanted to visit ever since I saw a TV feature of it (I think it was on Lifestyle Network's Listed). What's so special about Marcia Adams? Well a visit to the place would make you feel like you've gone to Tuscany, Italy. Now I've never been to Italy before (though that's in my bucket list), but I have had a glimpse of its beauty from Diane Lane's movie, Under the Tuscan Sun.

We had a lunch reservation at 1PM. Some of us almost thought of changing our plans because we got caught in traffic on our way to Marcia's. Thankfully we didn't because this place was seriously beautiful to look at! And just look at how the sun's natural light flatters this restaurant's scenery, making it even more picturesque!

This path leads to the garden area of Marcia Adams where we had our lunch. While there were people who were dining outside as well (in fact the place was packed when we arrived), it was so quiet! We were all taken aback because truth be told, my friends from LEAP 55 are loud and noisy especially when Joms is around. In fact, we found ourselves having whispered conversations. Not that it lasted long though! We all got over the initial shock and were soon back to being loud and noisy. Ha! Ha!

Meet my LEAP 55 ONE LOVE friends 

The the view from the garden dining area. Very country side feel.

And this is how Marcia Adams looks like inside:

Rustic interiors and vintage looking chairs with hardwood tables. It looks homey doesn't it? Like you're at your grandparents' place somewhere in the province. Flowers all around the place also added on to its charm.

Food at Marcia Adams doesn't come cheap. Luckily they offered set meals - you can get an appetizer (either soup of the day or Amalfi Prawns), main course and dessert at around Php700.

Tofu chips to munch on while waiting for our food to be served

Amalfi Prawns - this was so delicious, I enjoyed it! And this is coming from someone who doesn't eat

Some of my friends are into healthy eating so salads were also ordered on top of our set menu.

We ordered various main courses but I only have a couple of photos to show.

And the yummy desserts...

I enjoyed my meal at Marcia Adams. They were all for me cooked and prepared to perfection! Delicious!

I was able to meet the owner, Marcia herself when we visited. She's such a simple woman with an inspiring story to tell. She told us that the restaurant was really a dream of hers and she once wished on a full moon for it. And with her husband, they went on to making that dream a reality - one day at a time. The restaurant started with just her, her husband and a few neighborhood moms she hired to help out and the income from the restaurant was just enough to get them by. But now? The restaurant's this must-visit place in Tagaytay with so many clients and it's continuously growing!
She said to us, "I believe that when the time is right, nothing will be impossible. Trust lang din kailangan."

Marcia was so accommodating and had asked us to stay for awhile even after we all finished eating our lunch. Did we hesitate to do so? Of course not. The place's ambiance was so relaxing, it was really a nice place to stay!

So we ordered wine while Marcia sent over complimentary tea for us and we huddled up to do some catching up with each other. It's not often that I see these friends of mine but they're a wonderful bunch of people.

Our chikahan lasted til the sun set. And the view at Marcia Adams Restaurant is as beautiful as it is in day light.

Wine while watching the setting sun 

Now I know why Marcia Adams Restaurant is a must visit when in Tagaytay and I am so glad that I'm able to cross another thing off my places to visit! Earlier this year, I was able to go Breakfast at Antonio's with these wonderful peeps also. Read about that here. If you're looking for a nice out of town date place or a good restaurant to dine with friends, Marcia Adams is IT.    

Sunday, November 9, 2014

GREASE is the Word!

What's your favorite musical? My ultimate favorite is Grease.

My Dad introduced me to the movie that made John Travolta even more famous after his box office success with Saturday Night Fever and put Olivia Newton John on the Hollywood map when I was in my teen years and I've loved it since then.

I mean what's not to love about Grease? The story of high school rebel, Danny Zuko and wholesome Sandy Olsen who meet at a beach and enjoyed a summer romance, parting ways at the end and thinking they'd never see each other again because Sandy's moving back to Australia where she lives - only to find their paths crossing again when school resumes because as fate would have it, Sandy becomes the new girl at Rydell High - the same high school where Danny is!

The setting: Grease is set in the 1950s where the younger generation's idea of a good time consist of school hops, dances, bonfires and rallies, hang-outs at soda fountains,  drive-in movies and all-night slumber parties. It's the year of the rock and roll where the teenage boys are branded as "greases" showing their rebellion with shiny, slicked back hair, thick, black leather jackets and tight jean - channeling the 1950s icon, James Dean and the girls showed their sexual aggression by wearing pedal pusers and tightly fitted sweaters.

And of course, the music from Grease is seriously catchy! My favorite songs from Grease are Summer Nights, You're the One that I Want and Hopelessly Devoted to You which by the way I dedicated to my oh so popular high school crush. (",)  We Go Together, Beauty School Dropout and Grease Lightnin' are also awesome songs to sing along to.

That's why when I'm so excited to find out that 9 Works Theatrical is staging Grease this month! Well it's a re-run because they already staged this production last year with Gian Magdangal as Danny Zuko, Ciara Sotto as Chacha de Grigorio and Iya Villania as Betty Rizo. This year, Rydell High will have new kids Guji Lorenzana as Danny Zuko and Tippy Dos Santos as Sandy Dumbrowski (I didn't realize 'til I recently watched Grease on DVD again that Sandy's last name in the play is different from the movie). Antoinette Taus is set to play feisty Betty Rizzo.

Guji and Tippy will breathe new life to iconic characters Danny and Sandy

I didn't get to watch the first staging of Grease. I don't know what rock I was living under in before! But I'm definitely watching this one. I think Guji makes a handsome Danny and Tippy definitely has the sweet and wholesome look down and I'm very excited to watch them get into character. But Antoinette is the one I'm curious to see the most as Rizzo. I mean Rizzo, the leader of the Pink Ladies is such a memorable character in Grease. She's the girl who acts tough but also has a soft spot deep down.

Grease the Musical is set to come back on stage all weekends from November 15 to December 7, 2014 at the RCBC Plaza, Makati. Grease will have Friday and Saturday galas at 8:00pm, Saturday matinees at 3:30pm and Sunday matinees at 4:00pm. You can get your tickets at Ticket World.

Here's a sneak peek of Antoinette performing during Grease the Musical press conference.

Meet the cast of this year's Grease the Musical to be directed by Robbie Guevara:

Main Cast: 
Guji Lorenzana as Danny Zuko, leader of the T-Birds
Tippy Dos Santos as sweet and wholesome Sandy Dumbrowski

Antoinette Taus as feisty, Betty Rizzo, leader of the Pink Ladies

Rafa Siguion-Reyna as Kenickie, best friend of Danny Zuko, T-Birds' tough second in command 

The T-Birds

Reb Atadero and Neil Gomez as Roger and Sonny LaTierri
Vince Lim and Marvin Ong alternating as guitar playing Doody 

The Pink Ladies

Alex Godines as fashion conscious Marty, Peachy Atilano as beauty school dropout Frenchy and Sarah Facuri as Jan 

A wacky class picture of the cast of Grease the Musical

One of the commendable words that was said about last year's production was:

"With the different characters and issues in the show, you can't help but relate and reminisce about your high school life. The re-staging of "Grease" in Manila helps prove why, for many people, high school was one of the best times of their loves. It's the kind of show that can make you believe that you can be who you are, and that "Grease" is definitely the word, a timeless story that no matter how old you are, you are part of them." - Mac Macapendeg, GMA News

Speaking of reminiscing, during the press conference, we were asked "If you could rerun a part of your life, what would it be and why?" 

My real honest to goodness answer would be:

"My high school years deserve a rerun. Although I wasn't part of the popular roster, the smartest class nor the beautiful girls that boys from all levels fawned over, it was in high school that I met most of the wonderful people I now call my friends and we had our own fun adventures."

What about you guys? Tell me, what part of your life do you think deserves a rerun and why?

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Best Face Forward with Warby Parker's 2014 Winter Eyewear Collection

Confession: When I was younger, I wanted to wear eye glasses. I always thought wearing them would make me look smarter. So back in school, whenever we had those annual physical exams at the clinic and it was my turn to take the eye test, I would always squint, pretending as if I don't clearly see the letters on the chart so that the nurse would say I didn't have a perfect 20/20 vision and would therefore need glasses. 

I never did succeed because my Dad refused to heed the recommendation. Ha! Ha! Though I've given up that plan, I still think wearing eye glasses make one look geek chic! Actually over the years, I've noticed that wearing eye glasses have become a fashion statement as well. And with these Warby Parker eye glasses from their newly launched 2014 Winter Collection, I've no doubt that anyone who buys these designer eye glasses will look absolutely stylish.

Warby Parker Winter Laurel

Warby Parker Winter Talbot 

And because I do have the impression that glasses actually accentuate one's look, sometimes when I see a guy wearing glasses, it makes me take a second, third look at him. I find it sexy and cute when I see a man wearing glasses. Like so:

These are some of the eye glass styles that caught my eye:

Keene Beach Glass - for that clean, preppy look
Holcomb Pearled Tortoise - this shouts personality to me 

Verne Revolver Black - this looks classic to me! Kinda looks like the kind of glasses Clark Kent, aka Superman wears! 

But while I can't wear those pretty eye glasses, I do a different kind of eye wear - the sun glasses. Because wearing them makes me feel like I'm some A-list Hollywood celebrity! Ha! Ha! It's true, isn't it? A-list celebs are always rocking the shades when they're out in public during the day and you have to admit, with sunglasses on, it kinda gives them that classy, mysterious vibe, am I right or am I right? (",)

Well, part of the 2014 Winter Collection are Warby Parker new sunglass styles too! And they are so gorgeous, I bet I would really look like I'm a celeb when I wear it! These are my faves from the collection:

Warby Parker Jennings Beach Glass

Warby Parker Reilly Sparrow Grey

According to Warby Parker's website, it was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to offer designer eyewear at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for socially conscious business. Warby Parker believes that buying glasses should be easy and fun; it should leave you happy and good-looking, with money in your pocket. They believe that everyone has the right to see and that's why they have a program called "Buy a pair, Give a Pair". You can read more about that here.

Anyway, the 2014 Winter collection has six new rich tones and eight new shapes to help anyone put their best face forward even in the event of a polar vortex. Warby Parker mixed stainless steel with acetate, freshened up existing silhouettes with color treatments, and renovated classic shapes for unshakably confident options with a lot of character. These designer eye glasses and sun glasses are now available at Warby Parker's showrooms and online starting at $95.

Since the website allows customers to do a virtual try on of their products wherein you can either choose to upload a photo of you from the computer, from your Facebook or take a photo of you with the webcam, I just had to go and see for myself just how chic I'd look wearing Warby Parker eye wear!

Me wearing the Verne Beach Glass eye glasses

Me wearing Holcomb Pearle Tortoise eye glasses
Wearing the Laurel Tea Rose Fade sun glasses
Wearing the Jennings Beach Glass

I think the Jennings Beach Glass looks best on me. What do you think?

They also have a Home Try-On program where customers can pick out 5 frames to try on and they'll ship it to you for free. You'll be given 5 days to take 'em for a spin - you know just so you can see how you like the glasses on you and get your trusted friends and family's opinion too. Pick out which ones you wanna buy then ship the rest back also for free! The Warby eyewear starts at $95.

Check out the rest of the 2014 Winter Collection online!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Bioessence celebrates 20 years of beauty and wellness

After my first visit at Bioessence LPL Suites, it wasn't long before I, together with Jordan, went back to the branch. See, Bioessence is already on their 20th year and they were celebrating it by giving their clients and friends a chance to try some of their services for free. And so Ms. Cecil, the branch's manager, invited us back to come and celebrate with them.

This beauty clinic chain began operations provincially in 1994, specifically in Marfori Heights, Davao with only 3-bed clinic (2 for facials and 1 for slimming). Fast forward to 20 years later and it has grown to be a well-known brand in the Phiippines with 50 outlets nationwide!

One of the things I got to try was their hand paraffin service where your hands are dipped in a tub of hot wax. It's the perfect way to pamper one's hands after all the hard work we put it through. A paraffin wax will leave the hands feeling oh-so-smooth.

My hands were dipped about six times in this hot wax! It was so hot I was cringing while dipping!
And then we let it drip after the sixth 

It was then wrapped in plastic for about 15 minutes

While I waited for that plastic to be unwrapped, I also tried on Bioessence's Diamond Peel and Oxygen Infusion. I couldn't take photos though since I couldn't use my hands. Wrong move! I kinda liked getting the Diamond Peel and Oxygen Infusion services although they were really just a sneak peak and not the full blown treatments. I'm gonna go back to get both services done at Bioessence.

The obligatory no filter selfie after getting our treatments done. My face is kinda glowing!

Bioessence video with Allison Harvard played on loop at the reception area. Ooh look! It's a Lenovo laptop! 

Bioessence prides its brand of customer care, attending to the customers as they come to the clinic on schedule, and follow up on them after the treatments, and make sure the clients are well guided on every step of their beauty regimen. Their staff are highly trained therapists, equipped with medical related personnel and professional staff. They get their training abroad so the services they give their clients are at par with global standards and you're sure that they are competent and credible to perform beauty and spa services which is very important of course since this is skin care we're talking about here!

They've even made it so much easier for their clients to book an appointment for facial, slimming or wellness offers by coming up with their own vanity number, 0918-8-BEAUTY (232889). You can also inquire about their latest beauty products they offer and more about its aggreessive, offering of its spa and slimming services. Not sure where the nearest Bioessence is around your area or their clinic hours? You can also ask them through that number! I love how convenient they've made it for their clients!

They were all very welcoming during our first visit and I witnessed that again during their anniversary celebration. The staff were all very warm and pleasant not only with us but with all the people who came to their clinic. It was peak hours again when we visited and the number of people they had at the time doubled from what we initially saw on our first visit. There were queue at almost every free service they offered that night but the staff made sure that everyone was well taken care of - asking if they would like to try another service first or if they've already eaten. What great service seriously!

Bioessence advocates sharing wellness to everyone. To be the TOP CHOICE when it comes to facial, skin care, non invasive slimming and spa needs. They aim to make sure clients have a truly holistic experience with every visit at any Bioessence branch.

Have you ever tried Bioessence and their services? I'd love to hear about your experience with them.