Resto Love: Maple

I've heard of the opening of Maple Restaurant, a restaurant that serves American dishes. Finally over the past weekend, I was able to visit the resto at San Antonio Plaza, near Forbes Park in Makati with my friends. We were supposed to go to Purple Oven but since Maple was on the same area and we've always wanted to go there, we thought, well why not today?

I love the location of this restaurant. San Antonio Plaza is so quaint! Truth be told, I found it strange that we were dining at Maple at four in the afternoon since it is considered a breakfast place but I just didn't want to pass up on the opportunity anymore. Who knows when we were gonna come around to the area again? 

This interesting wall decor was right across from where I was sitting. 

"Miles above the golden rice fields on a steep and treacherous hill stood an old and mysterious Maple Tree..." 

The place mat was also pretty interesting the way it was designed. It also makes for a nice table decor. 

Eggs Benedict

Blueberry and Cream Cheese Pancakes 
Maple Club 

Personally loved the blueberry and cream cheese pancakes for its fluffy goodness. For me it's as good as the pancakes at Pancake House. I also loved the Maple Club - four club sandwiches filled with so many toppings. Since it had caramelized onions, the club sandwich was sweet to the taste. I countered that with the fries to keep me from getting sated. Though I didn't get to finish my meal since by the second sandwich I was feeling full already and I did help myself to Ryan's pancakes too so...

I gave my cousin the rest of my club sandwich when I got home and he also loved it. I plan to go back to Maple, preferably for breakfast or brunch since the food serving is quite big so I need my appetite!

Maple Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


RUSS said...

Food's great at Maple, but the branch here in Alabang is kinda small. I get all claustrophobic whenever I'm there. I will check out this branch.

I think this is a better choice than Purple Oven coz they don't really have tables there. I would suggest dining at Galli Village Cafe ( must-try: paella! ) then have your Purple Oven goodies brought to you guys.

Liz said...

Russ you might like their San Antonio Plaza branch more. :)

This is the first time I heard of Galli Village Cafe - thanks for the reco! I definitely would like to check that out also.