Sorry I’ve been gone so long dear readers. So much has happened these past few weeks which I want to share with you but I’ve been putting it off, off and off! My work load’s been quite heavy so that combined with the long commute home just makes me so tired and so stressed at the end of the day that all I really want to do is climb in bed and not look at another computer screen ’til the next day… Anyway, I’ll stop ranting now and hereby promise to make more time to update my blog!

Now on to my first blog update! Remember when I said 2015 will be my year of travel? Well, I’m happy to say that I’m on my way to making that goal happen with my first three travels already booked!

This summer, I’m going to Singapore with my family. My mom has been asking me to go there for quite some time now so here I am finally flying to Singapore come May! And I’m excited also because the airline we got to book is so sosyal! Ha Ha! We’re taking Singapore Airlines! This is the first time I’m going to try Singapore Air but I have a pretty good feeling it’ll be a pretty sweet ride to take – you know nice interior with good leg room. I once flew in a Malaysian Airlines flight bound for Malaysia a couple of years back for work and that was nice! So I imagine Singapore Air will be just like that. Oh and the best part is we got this at a lower rate than usual because of its recent promo tie up with BPI credit card holders.

And then by the last week of May, I’m off to Bohol with my best friends from way back high school, Ryan and Mai Ann. I’ve never been to Bohol but it has been on my list of places to visit. I want to try the Loboc River Cruise! We got our tickets at more or less Php4,000 round trip and it’s all thanks to the recently held 22nd Travel Tour 2015 Expo in SMX, Mall of Asia. I’ve been going annually to this travel expo but this is the first time I actually booked a flight! And this year’s expo was even bigger than before since this time, they’ve got the 2nd floor covered too! Ryan and I got lucky that we found such affordable PAL fares!

And while those two places have been part of my travel plan for this year, Cebu was not because I’ve been there before, a couple of times already in fact – check out my post about my Cebu adventure last year!  But I am going back in April and this time it’s for leisure!

My friend, Mark from high school who now lives in London is going back to the Philippines for a visit and my other friend, Jordan has been inviting Mark to go out of town with us. And so last Thursday when Mark sent me a message on LINE that he and Jordan had made plans to go to Cebu and that there was an ongoing Cebu Pacific seat sale that day, I jumped on the chance to join them! This time though I believe I’m going to see less of the city and more of the other interesting places in Cebu like Bantayan Island since Jordan has this list of places he wants to visit while there.

Don’t you just love travel expos, credit card travel promos and seat sales? (“,) I’m super excited for these trips that I’ve got lined up! It’s so surprising in a good way how these travel plans happened. When I was planning my trips late last year, in my mind, the way I was going to make it happen was Plan A: Watch out for Cebu Pacific seat sales and Plan B: Go to the travel expo in SMX, MOA since that’s where you’ll find a lot of great affordable travel deals. But when January arrived, I just found travel deals from the likes of BPI and BDO which seemed to tell me “Check me out! I can make your travel plans happen” and then that Cebu Pacific seat sale where I got lucky to find a round trip promo fare for Cebu. Super amazing!!! It’s just as Paulo Coelho wrote in his book, The Alchemist:

 “And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” 

I can just see it now! It’s gonna be one incredibly fun summer for me! Hopefully I get to have a couple more travels within the year. Zamboanga’s on my list of places to see too. And Bataan. But wherever really is fine with me. The important thing is to go somewhere because these travel quotes are just inspiring me to do that: