Saturday, May 30, 2015

The East Side of Town

Work brought me to the east side of town, Marikina to be exact, one Saturday in April. Since the task I had to do wasn't going to take the whole day, I figured I'd take that as an opportunity to check out the place since I was already there.

Marikina City is known for its shoe industry, it's the biggest manufacturer of shoes in the Philippines. That's why it's called the Shoe Capital of the Philippines.

Marikina's own version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Being the Pasay-Makati-Ortigas girl that I am, I didn't really know any place in Marikina except for the famous Shoe Museum and Pan de Amerikana since I went there a couple of years back with some of my friends. Luckily, I knew someone who was nice enough to volunteer to show me around.

Meet my friend and tour guide for the day, Ver

Our first stop was this nice looking church, the Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish since it was right across our meeting place. 

I said a short prayer and a wish (Ryan told me you're supposed to knock on the door of the church the first time you visit it and say a wish so I've been doing that) and then we went off to go to the place I really wanted to see... The Shoe Museum!

The Shoe Museum housed the former controversial First Lady Imelda Marcos' shoe collection - well part of her 8 1/2 shoe size collection at least.

Check out her amazing shoe collection! I'm definitely in awe at the number (800 pairs of her 3000 pairs of shoes!) and also envious of her collection since I'm a shoe lover myself. 

Aside from Imelda's shoe collection though, the Marikina Shoe Museum also had on display other famous personalities' shoes from local celebrities to politicians. 

I also saw these interesting shoe designs from a 2014 footwear competition. 

For an early dinner, our feet took us to a burger place called Mama Chits. 

It's like being transported to a 1950's diner in Mama Chits. 

And outside, you'll see all these different signage, still in keeping with the diner theme.  

Ver and I ordered pasta carbonara, burger and fries coupled with iced tea. The food was affordably priced, the burgers were big and all of it was delicious! I was a happy girl with a satisfied stomach. 

Ver actually took me to a couple more places around town but I'll end this post right here since these were the places really worth noting. I had a good tour of Marikina and I want to come back to check out some more food joints in the area. I read some restos that may be worth checking out from 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Be Ahead Of The Makeup Artist Pack

A great school is believed to have successful graduates, inspirational and effective mentors, and a solid curriculum. There would be no other place than at the Center for Aesthetic and Visual Arts, one of the leaders in Philippine Aesthetic and where purveyors of beauty are bred, for industry leaders to stay ahead and keep ahead.  

When selecting the best school to go to, considerations such as quality of students that they groom, curriculum coverage and for some the type of professors the school hires are looked into. The same goes for selecting a school that nurtures craft such as that of makeup artistry. 

The Center for Aesthetic and Visual Arts has courses specifically designed in a way where students receive the complete make-up experience from each class. Classes begin with lectures, followed by demonstrations, and closed by practical applications and activities, which allow students to experience what initially is learned as theoretical. Unlike others, CAVA places a great deal in the whole experience of its students. It not only focuses on lectures, but it gives the students a practical application to even further their skills and knowledge as guided by renowned instructors.

Because a schools students play a huge role with its success, the Center for Aesthetics and Visual Arts nurtures its beginners and advanced students all alike. Aside from thoroughly crafted curricula, practical applications and assignments that have been meticulously planned, students are given opportunities to build a solid foundation in makeup artistry.

From the beginning, students enrolled at the Center for Aesthetic and Makeup Artistry are already ahead of the pack. Hazel Gonzales proudly gives back the knowledge she gained throughout the years. Being a graduate of the Center of Aesthetics Studies, an Airbrush Specialist certified under Temptu Pro and a graduate of Master Class in High Definition Airbrush Makeup under Vida Inc. both in Sydney and in Hollywood, she is more than willing to share her expertise to anyone who has the desire to learn.

Hazel is distinctly recognized as an International Airbrush Specialist, Professional Bridal Makeup Artist and the Creative Director of HG Studio.  She was also given the honor of being the first prestige member at United Makeup Artists of the Philippines (UMAP), one of the most respected make up organizations in the Philippines.

The Center for Aesthetic and Visual Arts is a result of Hazels attention to detail and passion for perfection. She transforms subjects into beautiful works of art that captivates anyone in sight and shares this experience with those who want to be a part of the industry.

CAVA leads as the best makeup artistry school beginning with insurmountable hours and years of carefully mastering their craft that mentors are highly esteemed for. CAVAs professionals are proudly experienced and educated from around the world. Mentors are specialized from prominent institutions that have bred makeup artists that lead major shows in fashion weeks in New York, London and Paris.

CAVA is located at the 3rd Floor Victoria Towers Commercial Bldg., Timog Avenue, Quezon City Philippines with numbers +632 504 2282 and +63917 683 2282. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Nostalgic Night with the Backstreet Boys

May 5 was a night where a concert brought me back to the 90s and early 2000s and made me feel like I was a teenager again. After years off the spotlight, the biggest selling boy band in the world and my numero uno love, the Backstreet Boys came back to Manila for a concert!

I was about 24 or 25 when the boys last came here to perform. I'm almost 30 now! The concert is a celebration of their 22 years in the music business. Tagal na noh? Most of the boy bands from their time have already disbanded and some even had members who came out of the closet. During their heyday, rumors were swirling about Nick's sexuality, that he's actually a girl or gay just because he sported that one-length hair style. Well, he's not. None of the Backstreet Boys are gay. And after all these time, they are still all together, making sweet music!

Being such a big fan of these guys, when I read online that they were coming back to Manila for a concert tour, I said to myself I cannot miss that chance to catch them perform live again especially since they're all complete!

This time, I chose to share the concert experience with another big fan of the Backstreet Boys, Anerine. We were both crazy for Nick. It's that love for the Backstreet Boys and that blonde blue eyed guy that brought us together as friends back in sixth grade.  

Erin bought herself a BSB concert shirt souvenir

The Backstreet Boys In A World Like This concert happened on a Tuesday night. A working day. But we were there early (around 5PM!) at SM Mall of Asia to ensure that we didn't stress ourselves trying to get to the concert on time. Excited kung excited, di ba?

We were already inside the SM Arena at exactly 8PM. See those empty seats? That got filled out later on in the night. It was a sold out concert! The boys still got it going on. 

It's show time! 

During the concert, the boys laid down a couple of rules. The rules according to Nick? "Go crazy" and "Act like you're 15 again." We, the fans, all happily obliged. We screamed like a bunch of teenagers! We truly embraced the fan girl inside of us that night.

The Backstreet Boys sang a lot of their big hits from all their albums in the past such as the swoon-worthy, melt-your-heart I'll Never Break Your Heart and All I Have to Give, to their groove-to-the-music, Everybody and We've Got it Goin' On down to the hugot songs like Quit Playing Games (with my heart). I wish they sang Anywhere for You and Get Down too though! There were also songs from their new album, In a World like This.

The boys showed off their amazing vocal blending singing accapella.

And their dance moves on stage (though as PhilStar described it, their "vertical leaps are a half inch off" compared to when they were younger, the Backstreet Boys showed us all that they still got it :-) ) 

The SM Arena was all lit up with the audience's cellphone flashlights. Oh what a beautiful sight to see!  

The Backstreet Boys really brought their A-game during the concert. It was really an awesome night and I so want a repeat of that! Well I may have to wait for awhile again as the boys are just about to go back to the recording studio after this world tour for a brand new album. And a new album means a new world tour - that's what Brian Littrell said. 

The Backstreet Boys may well be in their 30s and 40s now, married and have families of their own but that's okay. Us fans are older now too! We love them still though. I love them still.

Nick's rocking the dad bod nowadays. But that's okay. I will always be a Nick Carter girl at heart.

I'm glad I shared this with Erin too. We sang along, we took photos and videos and we screamed our hearts out.

Backstreet's Back all right!