There’s that saying “Nothing is permanent except change”.

I thought I’d start the first day of August talking about the changes that’s been happening in my life lately.

There’s been another re-shuffling at work. From working under Accounts Department of PR to working as part of the Digital Marketing team – that’s my new assignment. I have to let go of this really nice account I’ve been handling for the past 2 years already – an account I’ve so enjoyed working on even though it stresses the hell out of me because I truly believe in their products and the client is a breeze to work with.

Moreover, I had to say goodbye to a friend at work because another opportunity have come knocking on her door. It’s strange you know how I used to have a seatmate that I constantly talk to in the morning and sometimes have brunch with, how I had a constant lunch/merienda buddy, a sounding board when I’m feeling frustrated at work and someone I can hang out with for dinner or window shopping after work.

It’s all a big adjustment really. But change is inevitable. And I am slowly embracing the changes with openness. I have no idea what’s in store for me in the new job role especially since it’s just starting out – the Digital Marketing department at work, I mean. I’ll just have to see how it goes right? And as for my friend, the distance will test test our friendship – just how much we actually like being friends. With different companies and responsibilities, boyfriend to spend time with (hers), other friends – schedules of meet ups will definitely be challenged. But that’s the beauty of technology right? Now there’s Viber, Facebook, text and call so we can still keep in touch whenever.

Lastly, I recently just reached a milestone in my life. I have officially left my twenties and said hello to my thirties! Who knows what the 30s will bring? But like I said, I’m going to embrace whatever else changes are coming with openness and acceptance.

I made a birthday wish!